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STILL TALKING | Brian Trzeciak (Director at the Buffalo Maritime Center)

We asked Brian Trzeciak, executive director at the Buffalo Maritime Center, “What’s the importance of community investment in history and heritage, especially given the region’s location?”

The Buffalo Maritime Center is made up of Buffalo Maritime History Museum, who’s mission is to bring to life the compelling story of Buffalo’s maritime history from the Erie Canal to the boats that filled our waterways, the boat shop, which houses community and personal boat building projects while also holding educational programs, and the Buffalo Maritime Foundry, which was originally established to meet the needs of boat restoration and student boat building projects. Brian states that the Buffalo Maritime Center Campus is “entirely necessary for this sacred spot of the Erie Canal, Lake Erie and the Great Lakes.”

To find out more about Brian and about the Buffalo Maritime Center, watch the video above or check them out on Instagram!

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Written by Charles Skowronski
Photography and Editing by Vincent Berbano
Executive Produced by George Johnson
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