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New Rigidized Serpentine Sculpture @ Silo City

If you’re going to design, construct, and install a sculptural entranceway, let’s hope that it’s made with gleaming Rigidized Metals. Introducing the newest Silo City artistic feature – an undulating work of art that is actually located on Rigidized Metals’ property – Rick Smith is the owner of both.

The sensational new serpentine sculpture called Riddle Sticks certainly makes an impactful statement. The work of art was designed by Dylan Burns a UB Arch + Planning student at University at Buffalo. It was installed by Josh Smith, Director of Ecology for Rigidized Metals Corporation.

Under construction – photo by Dylan Burns

“‘Riddle Sticks’ is a play on words,” said Burns. “A riddle is a wooden mesh tool of the Victorian era that was used to sift grain. So, in addition to referencing the history of grain at Silo City, Riddle Sticks also metaphorically sifts the landscape. The whimsical nature of the name is also meant to embody a more playful, less obvious element of the project that is still under development.

Photo by Dylan Burns

“The sculpture is interactive, acting as an instrument that can be played with a mallet as one runs along it. The change of height and diameter of the tubes results in a unique series of notes. The project is not quite done yet, as it will not really take on the role that it is meant to in the landscape until plantings are added.”

The new sculpture works in conjunction with another Rigidized installation that was incorporated into the grounds a couple of years ago. The unique cylindrical entranceway leads into the heart of Silo City via a large sieve (device used to separate grain from chaff), fashioned into the ground, which allows visitors to access the eco-friendly grounds and Reflection Spaces. The name of the trail is Dyohsowah – a Seneca word meaning “Land of the basswood trees”.

The Rigidized entranceway is also located right next to Rigidized Metals’ design studio, which is a reclaimed former freight house. The design studio is not only clad with Rigidized, the interior functions as a showroom for the company, where architects and designers can view the various products in a unique industrial setting.

The entranceway is also flanked by another Rigidized sculpture titled 3xLP, which was designed and constructed by Nick Bruscia and Chris Romano. 

Photo by Dylan Burns

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