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A Brand New Day for McCarley Gardens

There’s great news on the McCarley Gardens front. The outdated village of apartments in the shadow of the Medical Campus will soon see some much needed renovations that will help to bring life and vibrancy back into the complex. The 150-unit apartment dwellings, built in 1978, have been slowly eroding over the years. Now, 135 existing units will be renovated thanks to a unique partnership between Sinatra & Company Real Estate and Oak Michigan Development Corp. The two companies will work together to revitalize the apartment complex, to the tune of between $35 million to $40M. 

The joint team effort will include Oak Michigan as the owner, Sinatra as the developer, and a host of others aiding the process, including St. John Baptist Church, Wendel Companies, community leaders and residents. The project will incorporate additional green space, more efficient parking, and the addition of 15 new townhomes that will replace 15 existing units. This is a win-win for the entire community. McCarley Gardens will be a shining example of the community coming together to do what’s right, by giving the residents updated affordable homes that they can be proud of, and that will add vibrancy to the neighborhood. Currently, the apartments are outdated and in need of sprucing up.

The village-like aesthetic to allow the project to successfully live on for the next 40 years.

“Access to affordable housing is one of the most pressing challenges that communities across the United States face and it’s a problem that requires a creative approach along with buy in from local stakeholders and residents,” said Nick Sinatra, President and Founder of Sinatra & Company Real Estate. “Sinatra & Company Real Estate’s core values include a commitment to improving the neighborhoods and communities that we invest in and engagement in projects based on a vision for making something better, in a forward thinking way. Overseer Michael Chapman, Pastor of St. John and Gethsemane Baptist Church commented, “The benefits that community redevelopment can have on the social advancement of our communities and neighborhoods are immeasurable. That’s what we’re striving for with McCarley Gardens.”

The revitalization plan for the complex will consist of a multi-phase reconstruction of infrastructure, landscape, new mechanical systems, flooring, roofing, windows, and interiors.

Sinatra & Company Real Estate recently reached out to the residents, to talk about their needs, wishes and desires to create longer lasting homes in a more walkable neighborhood. Moving forward, Sinatra will be working with Buffalo Common Council President and Ellicott District Councilman Darius Pridgen and other community leaders to set up a public meeting that will encourage dialogue. From there, the project will be presented to the Buffalo Planning Board on March 13, 2017.

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