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A New Buffalo Rising is Here: Goodbye Movable Type, Hello WordPress

Believe it or not, Buffalo Rising has been around for 10 years. Over that time, we’ve had a number of different versions of our website and a number of different versions of our print publications. For the vast majority of our online life, we’ve used Movable Type as our publishing platform. But that time has come to an end. We’re leaving Movable Type as the software simply isn’t what it used to be. In a few days, Buffalo Rising will be published using the most popular blogging software: WordPress.

Over the past several months, we’ve been working on transitioning all of our past content – posts, photos, comments, etc – from Movable Type to WordPress. We’ve moved our 22,000 (!) posts and over 250,000 (!!) comments to our new WordPress installation and, on Sunday night, we’ll be flipping the switch and launching our new WordPress-based site.
The new site will be faster, it’ll be more spam-resistant and more secure from viruses and malware. It has a responsive design so the site will automatically size to your screen’s resolution, making it more user-friendly (especially for mobile users).
Also, we’re changing our commenting system. Our new site will use livefyre, a commenting system used by the likes of the New York Times, AOL and TechCrunch.

Livefyre features

  • Users can post comments in real-time for everyone to see, and have a live discussion right on Buffalo Rising.
  • You can format your comments with rich text like bold, italic, lists, and more.
  • You can embed Flickr images and YouTube videos or any other sort of media right in your comment and all that media will be playable inline, right here on the site.
  • You can use the “@” symbol in the comment box to tag users in the conversations. You can tag your friends from Facebook or Twitter and personalize the message you share to their wall or send in an @reply to include them in the discussion.
  • You can automatically share your comment to Facebook and Twitter with simple-to-use icons.
  • You’ll have comment options including the ability to delete your comment, “flag” other’s comments as offensive, spam, off-topic and share any comment to Facebook and Twitter (and/or get the permalink to the comment).
  • Every user will have a profile page (which you can get to by clicking on their username). This system will still allow anonymity but will maintain a level of accounability as all your comments will be attached and noted on your profile page.
  • You will have the option to edit your own profile at any time and edit notifications (like finding out if someone responded to your comment). Just hover over your username and you’ll see options to edit.
Let us know what you think about the new site in the comments (not like we needed to tell you that, though). 

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

Sometimes the authors at Buffalo Rising work on collaborative efforts in order to cover various events and stories. These posts can not be attributed to one single author, as it is a combined effort. Often times a formation of a post gets started by one writer and passed along to one or more writers before completion. At times there are author attributions at the end of one of these posts. Other times, “Buffalo Rising” is simply offered up as the creator of the article. In either case, the writing is original to Buffalo Rising.

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