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BRTV: Borderline Bakery

Anna Steinberg grew up with the love of baking. She remembers receiving an Emeril Lagasse kids’ cookbook at a young age and wanting to continually learn more and improve her baking skills. Now, she brings joy to her community with her confections, as a baker and mental health advocate.

Baking isn’t just Steinberg’s way to bring joy to the community, it’s also her mechanism for survival and coping. You see, Steinberg was diagnosed with anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and borderline personality disorder, and baking has always been a part of her mental health therapy.

For Steinberg, the methodical and soothing aspects of baking are what help her cope with her disorders. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when she needed something to keep her going, she decided to start her own baking business.

“For me, baking is a very important part of my own mental health,” Steinberg said. “After my first time being hospitalized for my own mental health, I went through a phase where I baked apple pies for a while. But, baking has consistently been part of my mental health therapy.”

Her borderline personality disorder had become a distinct part of her identity – thus Borderline Bakery was born.

Steinberg’s apartment currently houses her weekly baking marathon, where she bakes bagels, challahs, soft pretzels, and swirly breads weekly. She loves making the community a part of her process as well, and enjoys receiving feedback from her customers to see what other offerings she can add to her baking repertoire. Bringing joy to others helps lift her spirits, too.

“I have a purpose… everything is baked with love,” Steinberg said. “I put effort and love into every product I put out there.”

As baking has been a large part of Steinberg’s mental well-being, she realizes that every person should find something they’re passionate about, and focus on it for their own positive mental states.

“It’s really important to find something you are passionate about, and, if you have to focus on that for a while, just focus on that.”

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Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

Vilona Trachtenberg

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