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Equilli – Buffalo’s first ‘pay it forward’ market place

A new marketplace has come to Buffalo that claims to be different that any other barter-style service. Equilli has officially launched at University at Buffalo; the service provides students with the ability to trade tasks and services with one another. Buff State and Canisius are also in line to access the app. Here’s how it works:

What separates Equilli from its competitors is that there’s no cash involved. When a student provides a task for another student, they earn something called EQ. EQ is an in app token, and the only way to earn EQ is by providing tasks and the only way to spend EQ is by requesting tasks, thus creating the cycle of Equilli.

A few of the tasks and services that are currently tradeable include ride sharing, parking swap, cleaning, laundry, tutoring, and note sharing.

Be a provider when it is convenient for you, be a requestor when it is not.

Equilli, founded by two friends from the University at Buffalo, Richard Burdish and Greg Albanese, is in place to help students save money, which they say is one of the biggest problems with attending colleges and universities.

Aside from the expense of tuition, students are constantly being bombarded with ancillary bills.

  • What if you drive to campus every day with 3 seats empty in your car? Couldn’t you take 3 of your fellow students, who also need to be on campus at the same time, along with you?
  • Found an amazing parking spot right outside of Capen Hall? You could easily post that spot on Equilli to let another student know when it will become available again.
  • Have an in-unit laundry machine? You can easily find time to toss in a few loads of someone else’s laundry while you are “glued” to the couch watching reruns of SharkTank with the roomies.
  • Heading from the student union to the library? Help someone who has a test in 4 hours and hasn’t eaten, by delivering their lunch.
  • Spring cleaning? Help your next door neighbors whip their house back into shape after last night’s rager.
Richard Burdish
Greg Albanese

According to Burdish and Albanese, Equilli combines altruism with pragmatism, reduces the overall student carbon footprint, creates a stronger sense of community, and ultimately saves time and money.

Bartering has been around since the dawn of mankind, but eventually the act of trading goods and services transitioned to a more monetary-based system. Similar to vinyl, cooperatives, and barbers, we might just be seeing the return of bartering, accessible to those who believe that there are ways to live simpler and fuller lives, without being fully dependent on the dollar bill.

Trade tasks with other students for free. To learn more, visit

Lead image: Photo by Cytonn Photography

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