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Cheesy Chick Keeps Truckin’ Along!

National Grilled Cheese Day 2019 may have passed, but there’s still more incentive than ever to indulge in the cheesy, bready, delicious goodness – and you don’t have to wait around for a food truck to do so. The Cheesy Chick has opened their first standalone brick and mortar at 5385 Main Street in Williamsville, joining a couple of other food trucks that have landed more permanent locations.

This grilled cheese haven initially opened in June of 2013. Starting out as a Food Truck, they eventually set up shop at the Eastern Hills Mall, a cozy café that lasted for about two years. Part-owner Jonathon Rowan said his sister, Stefanie Rowan, wanted to change the food truck scene in Buffalo.

“She wanted to see more comfort food on the streets, fresh products, and customized products. My mother wanted it to bring our family closer together, to see Buffalo and to just have fun. We grew up in Clarence and really never enjoyed Buffalo’s entertainment scene. After the first year we were blown away by everything going on in the city and county. The amount of events, the music, the food, the people, the fun,” Jonathon said.

Jonathon said he and his family did not expect the company to evolve as much as it did. Originally, they were looking to make some money, donate, and enjoy the experience. Now, as a successful and well-known business, they continue to bring delicious grilled cheese options to the city and now, the suburbs. Jonathon said they run out of mac n cheese daily after making about 50 pounds per day. On Tuesdays at Larkin, they make 100 pounds and run out by 7pm! They also bring their truck to local schools and educate the kids on the business.

On Tuesdays at Larkin, they make 100 pounds and run out by 7pm!

The new spot on Main features an expanded menu, offering new specials and breakfast options. “We offer quesadillas, wraps, salads, soups, and breakfast. We also feature breakfast sandwiches all day, coffee, and juices. We will also look into having local vendors bring in local juice and fruits. As specials for sides we will rotate cheesy sides, mozzarella sticks, mac n cheese bites, possibly fries and other fun sides that we just can’t do on the truck.”

The Cheesy Chick offers vegan and gluten free options too. If you ever make your way to the café, Rowan tells me they offer the fan favorite “The Pizza Sammie” – garlic butter Texas Toast covered with melted mozzarella cheese, grilled pepperoni, and marinara sauce. One intriguing sandwich that has piqued my curiosity is the “Nutella” – melted hazelnut spread inside buttered Texas Toast. You can add additional toppings like M&Ms, banana, bacon, peanut butter, pretzels, or apples for $1 each… a wild twist on some classic comfort food.

To find The Cheesy Chick food truck, follow them on Facebook. Or, check out their café on Main, open every day except Tuesday.

Written by Sara Ali

Sara Ali

Sara is a freelance writer living on Buffalo's West Side. She works full time in human services, part time in freelance, and is currently working towards her endeavor to create a nonprofit focused on telling the stories of the refugee and immigrant communities.

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