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From Irrelevance to Laughing Stock

We are well aware that outside of tailgating, Buffalo has been long forgotten when it comes to fielding a competitive team in the NFL. Now, with the offensive production reaching historic lows, the Bills have become the punchline once again. At least when the naysayers were focusing on 4 Super Bowl losses, Bills fans could take solace that their team never gave up and were posting big wins throughout the seasons.

What Buffalonians (and the rest of the NFL landscape) has witnessed thus far is beyond inexcusable. This organization is living in the past thinking that the modern day NFL is built on running the ball and controlling the lines (neither of which are happening). The defense can only do so much and at least some of the building blocks are already in place for that side of the ball. McDermott may be a good coach and a decent leader but neither Bean or the head coach have the slightest clue as to what an offense is supposed to look like. This just won’t cut it anymore and if the reason they picked Allen was because he had a big arm, the nail should already be in the coffin for both of these guys. What has to be done now is to make sure the person in charge of the next draft has an offensive mind and can bring in a coach who has the same vision.

The hardest part about fixing the NFL’s worst offense is going to be convincing free agents that Buffalo will be an attractive spot. Overpaying will not work anymore as receivers want to go to a team where the QB will set them up for their next contract. How can any NFL player think that a career will blossom where the offensive philosophy is outdated and the QB position is in absolute shambles? I have no confidence that Josh Allen is going to succeed, so they sure as heck better bring in a new GM who won’t be afraid to pick another QB when the Bills are drafting in the top 5 next year.

Written by John Nussbaumer

John Nussbaumer

John (Josh) grew up in Buffalo where he stayed until moving to Chicago for 13 years right after college. It is there that he worked for some of the top sports marketing companies in the country.

6 years ago, he formed Bison Entertainment Group which provides client entertaining and incentives to companies all over the world. Whether it is tickets/suites, private housing at the Masters, Super Bowl, athlete/celebrity appearances, putting together national sales meetings or incentive trips, his company covers it all!

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