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Magic in the Dough at Fairy Cakes Cupcakery

Fairy-Cakes-Buffalo-NY-1Not long ago I found myself in charge of cupcakes for a shared birthday party for my son & his cousin. I went on the web to gather info on places that had a little more mom ‘n pop pizzazz than Wegman’s or Dash’s. I happened upon Fairy Cakes and thought the Parkside location would be great for my travels prior to the party. I reviewed their extensive mouth watering offerings on their cupcake menu and contacted them about what they could do in mini versions. Much to my surprise, they offer a huge variety of minis and were more than willing to decorate them for our theme.

On a side note, I personally think mini cupcakes are great. For kids, they are ideal because they are just that much less sugar &/or waste. They are perfect for adults as well because you can try a few without so much guilt. However, mini cupcakes often lack luster in the taste department. They are usually cute and well decorated but inside mostly a dry and tasteless cake topped with some type of fake, mass-produced buttercream from Sysco Foods. Which brings me back to Fairy Cakes…they’re minis were delectable! The kids and parents were drooling over them and I think they gained about thirty new customers just from one little mini cupcake hitting the mouths of our party guests. Because they were so good, I decided to find out more and share it you.

Fairy-Cakes-Buffalo-NY-5Kelly Audette and Mo Torpey (the fairy bakers behind Fairy Cakes) began strictly as cupcake caterers. They opened their lovely Parkside shop about 2.5 years ago and it has proven to be a good move for them. They have a rotating menu of 10 daily cupcakes, which has seven signature flavors of the day and 3 standing flavors they keep all the time. Kelly and Mo are very particular about quality and freshness, so they do not make more than this unless specially ordered.

These cupcakes rival some of the best I have been confronted within Seattle, WA – the city where I was living before returning to Buffalo. I recall when Trophy Cupcake (in Seattle) was featured on Martha Stewart’s show and it launched them into famous status overnight. The one thing was, that the writers never tasted the cupcakes to know if they were any good commercially. Martha Stewart featured them once without knowing who was baking and they were an instant sensation. The cost became high and the quality subpar, which makes Fairy Cakes better than the hyped up places – plus their gracious nature to accommodate clients is beyond compare.

Fairy-Cakes-Buffalo-NY-4Fairly Cakes also has a large party room for special events – some hosted by them, or you can rent it for your own party as well. It is perfect for cupcake decorating birthday parties, bridal or baby showers. Fairy Cakes also hosts some special events – just yesterday Fairy Cakes hosted an Easter Cupcake Decorating Party! Be sure to check their Facebook site for future events.

The dynamic baking duo focuses primarily on cupcakes but do venture out and bake specialty items occasionally. Fairy Cakes makes sugar cookies on a regular basis and for special events and parties. They also make pies and even some types of breads. Today they have Pie Day (Friday, March 14th). They bake an array of signature pies and offer them to their fan base. They usually bake six to eight pies and put their own twist on them. When I sat down with them last week, they did share a few confirmed flavors with me… “maple walnut”, “blueberry cream” and “kitchen sink,” which is a peanut butter mousse with mega doses of mini candy bites. They are also offering their homemade soda bread this weekend for those needing an addition to their St. Patrick’s Day feasts.


Whether you have a specific event or need a reason to celebrate, I highly recommend Fairy Cakes for the best cupcakes you will ever have.

Fairy Cakes Cupcakery
289 Parkside Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214

When you do decide to stop into Fairy Cakes, parking on Parkside is often tricky so be sure to utilize their parking lot in the back when picking up your cupcakes. |



Written by Kristine Hornung-Pottle

Kristine Hornung-Pottle

Kristine Hornung Pottle relocated back to Buffalo from Seattle, where she owned and operated The Wandering Cafe, LLC for twelve years (a catering and events company she began in Buffalo twenty-five years ago). She is currently the COO for Buffalo's echo Art Fair. As an experienced chef and independent event coordinator, Kristine contributes to Buffalo Rising occasionally.

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