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See Buffalo Bushido Tonight!

Expect a swell of Buffalo pride at the Market Arcade tonight as “Buffalo Bushido” makes its local premiere at 8:00 PM (see BRO interview).  Local filmmaker Peter McGennis will be on hand to introduce his independent feature film that passed through hundreds of local hands and was filmed entirely in Buffalo.  “Buffalo Bushido” has been called the best Buffalo film of the past decade and there has not been a film that puts as much of Buffalo on the big screen (and in positive light).  It’s a very personal and powerful coming home against the odds piece with deep Buffalo reflection, miles away from Hollywood and formula product. 

Buffalo Bushido” is not a film to miss if you share a love for our city.  McGennis surrounds himself with a wonderful, eclectic cast ranging from Jesse L. Martin and John Savage to Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and many Buffalo actors playing supporting roles.  One thing for sure, there has never been a filmmaker as committed as McGennis to placing Buffalo on the silver screen.  He is currently working on “Queen City” which recently saw Vivica A. Fox come to Buffalo last week to play a jazz singer set in 1980 Buffalo.  For now, however, it’s time to celebrate “Buffalo Bushido” and support a local hero who is inspiring our community by honoring Buffalo through his passion for making films.

639 Main Street, Buffalo, NY
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  • buffalofalling

    Man, the hyperbole at BRO continues to escalate to disgusting levels. A HERO, are you kidding me? Really? The guy makes films and he’s a hero? He’s not a hero or an inspiration. What’s inspiring about him? He makes movies about Buffalo? If that’s the case, that geography makes him a hero and an inspiration, everyone in WNY is a hero for staying in this place and working here in the face of long odds, lower wages, high taxes, high utility rates, horrible and corrupt government, etc.
    We’re all heroes and inspirations so Happy Friday to my fellow heroes and inspirers.
    I love this site but having to ingest and come to grips with the writing styles and exaggeration of importance over everything discussed is tough. Can’t someone learn to write something based on the facts and let the readers, who everyone assumes are highly-educated, well-read, and intellifent make their own assessments instead of trying to make the writing what it’s all about.

  • KeepItSimple

    Congratulations, Peter McGennis!

  • LovinLivinintheBuff

    WELL SAID! I agree with most of your comment. I too love this site, and this city, and look to BR for news I don’t find elsewhere, but, ugh, the sloppy writing.
    BF, you are a little bit my hero today…

  • 4matic

    easily in the top 20 buffalo films of the past decade.

  • NorPark

    Unless your the producer of Brown Bunny and doing a scene with Chloe Sevigny.

  • bluedevil

    Jeff Simon at the Buffalo News also called him a hero. Why don’t you naysaying do-nothings like BuffaloFalling go over to that site and blast the guy there as it’s more fitting of the mindless buffalo news commenting crowd. . .

  • 4matic

    “nay saying do nothings” ?? that’s severe

  • NBuffguy

    The best Buffalo film of the past decade. And exactly how many Buffalo films have there been in the past decade besides “Bruce Almighty” (whose stars never once even set foot in Buffalo) and “You Kill Me” (which was filmed entirely outside of Buffalo)? The Savages, on the other hand, now that was a great film.

  • abagail

    Bruce Almighty portrayed Buffalonians in a poor light.. kinda like a whole bunch of “dummasses” and idiot anchors. I thought it was a stupid movie but I watched Buffalo Bushido twice and thought it was awesome. You have to go into the theater knowing that the guy McGennis depicts is mentally unstable. Buffalo itself is shown in a good light. That needs to happen once in awhile, in my humble opinion!

  • Mr. Pelham

    I’m very interested in seeing this film. I’m sure it fits the market its designed for very well. I don’t think Mr. McGennis set his sites on blockbuster sales or attempt to make this picture into anything other than what it is. To deem him a “hero” well, not sure if that defines his attempt, but at least he was able to complete a picture in Buffalo…something many people attempt but fail miserably at.