Perks Café will become an Anchor Destination on Connecticut Street

The new Perks Café on Connecticut Street is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. The interior is wide open, with plenty of seating arrangements. This is the type of café that one might expect to find along Elmwood Avenue, but it’s located on an up and coming commercial corridor, inside the Horsefeathers Building.

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Upon walking inside, earlier today, I took a quick look around, before, pulling up a seat right at the coffee bar. After perusing the menu, I strolled over to the order counter, and requested a couple of egg breakfast sandwiches (adding avocado and turkey sausage – per my wife’s request), a couple of iced coffees, and a chai tea latte.

As we waited for our food and drinks to arrive, I took in the vibe of the place. I noticed a couple of people working, a few of people lounging about sipping coffee drinks, and a number people sitting down and eating breakfast. I also noticed that there was a pastry case, which looked very tempting, but I refrained from indulging.

Thankfully, when the breakfast sandwiches arrived, they looked delicious – especially with the add-ons. The chai tea latte was also nice. The medium size latte in the house mug did the job. The two iced coffees (ordered to go) came with biodegradable straws from, which is a Perks signature stance to become as earth-friendly as possible. By the end of 2018, their goal is to eliminate all non-biodegradable plastics from their service.

As I ate my food, I couldn’t help but notice the new mural in the kitchen, which was painted by a collaborative of local artists just last weekend. “I was able to get this project (almost) completed in 6 days,” said Julie Leone, Perks’ Director of Operations, Social Media and Marketing. “I received the artist’s work on Sunday, pulled it into Photoshop and got it on the wall the following day. The project was made possible with help from contributing artists Arynne Bednasz, Catherine Prince, Christopher Fecio, Darcie Rosinski, Emily Finlan, Juli Grygier, Kelsie Tangelder, Lindsay Tripp, Sara Murello, and myself – we were able to get the entire piece to 95% painted by opening day of the café.” Perks officially opened last Saturday, coinciding with the Winter Market.

I feel lucky to live so close to this new Perks location. Being a fan of the Horsefeathers Building in general, I couldn’t think of a better business operation to take over this significant restaurant footprint within the building. I’m also excited that some time in the near future they will have a brunch menu serving up craft beer, wine, and ciders. I can definitely see myself hanging out with friends and family, spending some quality time at this place, especially because it’s within walking distance of my house.

Perks Café346 Connecticut Street | Buffalo NY 14213 | 716 725 0081

7am-5pm | Seven days a week