Author: Melissa Switzer

Melissa Switzer

Melissa Switzer is a life long resident of WNY. Born and raised in the land of the pink flamingos and screened in garages, she made her way to the Elmwood Village for most of her 20's and eventually settled in Hamburg to raise a family. Melissa is the Vice President of sales at an independent local broker, Choice Employee Benefits Group. When she is not helping her clients design benefit packages, she is running after her two little boys or catching dinner in the city with her husband. Melissa is a dedicated supporter of Camp Good Days & Special Times and recently was inducted into their Ring of Honor. She is an avid Buffalo supporter and is thrilled at the direction our community is heading.

Some major employers have announced they will soon open their doors in the Western New York area and with them, it is expected that they could bring thousands of new jobs. Included in those announcements is Amazon, who is creating 50,000 positions across the U.S. At this time, it is unknown how many of those will be add to their new distribution center in Lancaster, NY. As well as a financial services firm, Strategic Financial Solutions, based out of New York City, intends to bring 1500+ positions to an Amherst office over the next 5 years. There is little doubt…

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Did you hear the sound of the wind picking up this morning? It was not the wind, but a collective sigh of relief from New Yorker’s with preexisting conditions. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is not waiting to see what the future holds for the ACA, better known as Obama Care. In a pre-emptive move against the federal government’s decision to repeal the ACA and install the American Health Care Act, he signed an emergency order to keep the essential protections in place that were covered by Obama Care. If Congress passes the AHCA, it would allow states to “opt out”…

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