Author: Dave Corbett

Dave Corbett

David Corbett has developed a visual outlet for his quick wit and satirical perspective through cartooning. His characters and clever captions remind the reader of incongruity of life situations. Ranging from sweet and silly to snarky, Corbett invites a chuckle or groan as well as befuddlement, challenging the viewer to make a mental leap. A recognized art collector and supporter of regional artists, his cartoons are published in several newspapers and also wherever there are cocktail napkins.

Industrialist Andrew Carnegie had amassed a staggering fortune so large that it was actually a great challenge to give it away. At his zenith, around the turn of the last century, his net worth in 2019 inflation adjusted dollars was over a third of a trillion. But he much preferred to be remembered as a great philanthropist. It turned out that he was as good at philanthropy as he was in building wealth. Carnegie wanted to make a lasting impact on society. Western New York is home to one of 2,500 libraries funded by Carnegie. Built in 1903 in North…

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David does not have any posts/articles per se, as he is a Buffalo cartoonist that helps to tell stories through his clever napkin sketches. David approached Buffalo Rising in December of 2018, saying that he wanted to get some more of his work published. His willingness to work with the content at hand, and his ability to whip up pertinent drawings at the drop of a hat, made David the perfect artist to supplement a number of posts/articles in the publishing queue that were in need of graphics. David Corbett has developed a visual outlet for his quick wit and satirical…

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