Author: Danielle Letina

Danielle Letina

Danielle Letina is a South Buffalo native, ZUMBA® Instructor and unashamed coffee addict. After running away from home to join the Navy, she fell in love with food and cooking. She returned home more than a decade later and is currently trying to eat her way through her hometown. When she isn't fighting crime and dispensing justice, she can be found at any local coffeehouse or food festival.

If you Google “Skulls and Bones,” the results range from an action video game to a secret society. While both will have you circling down a search engine drain, neither will take you to the amazing creations featured by artist Shelby Law. In what she describes as “Anatomical Surrealism,” Law creates a bare bones (if you’ll pardon the pun) view into the basics of what it means to be human. “Skulls are symmetry and aesthetically pleasing; flesh is flesh and it’s judged all too often,” Law states. “Remove it, and bones remain. We’re all the same underneath.” Her current series…

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Andy Warhol said, “I always notice Flowers.” When you view the “Redemption” art series by John Flowers, you’ll know truer words were never spoken. Flowers, or “Johnny,” as he prefers to be called, is an up and coming local artist who has always called Buffalo his home. “I am a true Buffalonian at heart and have lived here my entire life; minus three years in Rochester from my previous career.” I suppose three years away from the Queen City can be forgiven since he did find his way home again and is making it that much richer with his art.…

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