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Financial Roadmap for The New Downtown Bills Stadium

Author: Bills in Buffalo (BiB)

Dear Governor Hochul, County Executive Poloncarz, and Pegulas:

We all want to keep the Bills in Buffalo, but we also want to build a strong community so that the team will be here for another 50 years (and beyond).

The way we do this is by all of the community players working as a team. We need to create an Entertainment District that runs from KeyBank Center to the newly proposed stadium and convention center location (at Perry). This would be a game changer for the Bills and for the entire region.

Additional team members include Mayor Brown, Senator Schumer, Congressman Higgins, Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, Assemblymember Peoples-Stokes, members of the development community, and disenfranchised residents that are now rooting for a new downtown stadium to be built.

We are asking that each entity make the following financial commitment:

Bills – $400,000,000

County – $300,000,000

City of Buffalo – 75,000,000

Federal Government (Schumer and Higgins) – $50,000,000 (infrastructure) and $50,000,000 (transit-oriented development)

NYState – $2,100,000,000

Total: $2,975,000,000

Development community commitment – $400,000,000 (develop the land between the arena and the new stadium)

Grand Total: $3,375,000,000

This would be the largest development in the history of Buffalo, and would include a new stadium, convention center, updated arena, retail, hotels, and apartments. It’s everything that we have been hoping for, and everything that we have been waiting for. We’ve got an opportunity to rectify an injustice, when the Bills were moved out of Buffalo, similar to how the University was moved out of Buffalo. This is a once in a lifetime chance to do the right thing, which would change the face of Buffalo for the better. Not to mention kick starting a Metro Rail and train project that would coincide with the tremendous development.

Conceptual rendering by BMS Design Studio

It is important to note that any potential cost overruns for the stadium would be incurred by the Bills at 20%, the County at 15%, and the State of NY at 65%.

What we need now is a signal from the Bills that they are willing to work towards this goal. We are proposing that all of these aforementioned players get in a room to discuss this plan, to make it a reality. If the framework for this can not be accomplished within 60 days, then everyone would support the stadium in  Orchard Park. At that point, we could say that we earnestly weighed both options.

All we need is a signal from the major player – the Bills organization – that they are willing to sit down to the table to discuss the possibilities and the potential.

Let’s go Buffalo!

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