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2021 Holiday Shopping Guide | Hertel Avenue

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The 2021 Holiday Shopping Guide is a unique blend of independently owned and operated businesses in a variety of industries, such as retail, food, dining, arts, non-profit, and more, all designed to encourage WNY residents to #shoplocal. Sponsored by Visit Buffalo Niagara and Erie County, the 2021 guide will explore all the unique shopping districts that Erie County has to offer. To view this year’s full holiday shopping guide, click here!

Few Buffalo neighborhoods capture the city’s exciting rebirth quite like Hertel Avenue. An influx of new bars, restaurants and shops complement the neighborhood’s established eateries and long-tenured businesses. The North Park Theatre, a nearly century-old movie house, newly restored and its neon glittering once again, serves as the street’s focal point, surrounded by a supporting cast of hip places like Mes Que, Spot Coffee and Lloyd’s Taco. Hertel is also one of Buffalo’s most diverse business districts, with recently-arrived Middle Eastern chefs selling shawarma and halal alongside old school Italian delicatessens, restaurants and pizza parlors. This mix of old and new is making Hertel the neighborhood of choice for a 20- and 30-something crowd of locals and visitors.

Daisy’s Doghouse

The Doghouse is the passion project of Daisy and her human, Lisa. Prior to opening the pet boutique, Lisa spent 25 years in the designer greeting card industry at Great Arrow Graphics. She’s now thrilled to combine her love for pets and art to create a unique shopping and social experience in the heart of Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo.

From holistic food to stylish collars to unique toys – and everything in between – Daisy’s Doghouse offers nothing but top-of-the-line pet supplies. All the food and treats that they carry feature high-quality ingredients and are made in the USA. They’re also always on the lookout for new products that taste, work, feel, and look amazing.

Daisy’s Doghouse is proud to support a number of local vendors, including Great Arrow Graphics Greeting Cards, Saranac Ave Photography, Perry Smith Pottery, Bark for Biscuits, Fetch, Sharon Cushman Collars, Brew Dogs and Hounds of Hertel Jerky Treats. Step into Duke’s Den to browse their wide selection of pet food. You can also meet the rescue cats from the Buffalo Animal Shelter who live in the Den while waiting for adoption. Whether you’re getting some treats for your pet, some toys, food or looking to adopt, Daisy’s Doghouse should be a stop for all pet owners. This is a great place to use your Shop 716 gift card!

1448 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216 | 716-322-1931
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Chick Mex

When Zahid Rahimi first came to Buffalo in 2014 to attend UB, one of his initial observations was that this city lacked in the “street food” department. Coming from NYC, he was intimate with that type of cuisine, especially since his family was in the business. When he talked to other students, he realized that he was not alone in his sentiments. So in 2016, as an undergraduate, Zahid decided that he could not wait any longer and opened Chick Mex Grill on the North Campus.

Zahid decided to open a second location this year on Hertel Ave. When asked why he chose Hertel, he responded, “That’s where I hang out. I know all of the nearby business owners.” Zahid noted that the most popular dishes at Chick Mex Grill are the combination plates with beef and grilled chicken, rotisserie-style, with salad, rice, and pita. “I create all of the menu items,” he said. “The sauces are all made from scratch – it’s our biggest advantage over the competition… the flavors and the spices are very unique. I am very picky when it comes to flavor profiles – it’s a blessing and curse at the same time [laughing]. Customers also love our burrito bowls.”

Chick Mex is the perfect spot to stop as you are perusing all the shops on Hertel. The food is flavorful, delicious and will fill your belly. If your company is looking for some place to cater your holiday party, definitely consider Chick Mex!

1458 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216 | 716-424-0014
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Buffalo Apparel Co.

Buffalo Apparel Company opened its doors on Hertel in 2019. The retail shop, owned by Jeff Morreale, is the culmination of many years of conducting pop-ups at various events and festivals. According to Morreale, leading up to the storefront, he was attending upwards of 50 events a year, which allowed him to garner a pretty good base of loyal customers and fans for his business Buffalo Icon Apparel. Morreale has also launched over 50 different designs, related to such topics as the craft beer scene, Buffalo love, yoga, local festivals, wings, etc.

Aside from his own graphic design pieces, Morreale will be bringing in 12 other local vendors to fill the shelves of the 1000 square foot store. “It will be the best that Buffalo has to offer.”. His designs are not only unique but fashionable as well. Their designs feature a variety of all things Buffalo. If you are looking for unique clothing for yourself or as a gift that represents the 716, we highly recommend checking out Buffalo Apparel Company. You can even use your Shop 716 gift card here!

1415 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Spoke & Dagger

Spoke & Dagger is action packed to say the least. In the back, by the sales bar (yeah, it looks like a bar and even has custom stools and shelves made by Nickel City Metal Works) a projector plays movies centered around bike themes – custom builds, road trips, documentaries, etc. The movies set the mood for everything else to come. Like the impressive Devil Chicken artwork by Chris Galley featuring skeletons riding choppers. Then there’s the clothing lines by Brixton and Iron & Resin, followed by highly coveted bike parts made by Lowbrow Customs, Throttle Addiction and Biltwell. The sick custom bike in the front window (try not to drool) was made by a local bike builder by the name of Christian Newman.

Chris and Jodi told me that their goal was to build a community – a community where a new generation of riders would feel welcome, along with veteran riders who never thought that they would see the day that this sort of bike comradeship would be fashionable again. They want riders to share their interests, their passions, and their stories. In the spring, they want to host group rides. They also want to have bike building and tech classes, and movie nights. Their hope is that Spoke & Dagger becomes a place where people gather to talk shop, and shop for hard to find lines of clothing, gear and accessories. Some of the merchandise found in the shop includes canteens, gloves, Bell helmets, candles, sunglasses, magazines, and a great line of men’s and ladies boots called Red Wing. Chris and Jodi carry the more ‘fashionable side’ of the renowned work boots, which are not only American made, they also get better with age, according to Chris. The boots are as fashion forward as they are durable.

If you have someone in your life who likes to ride, we highly recommend checking out Spoke & Dagger. Not sure what to get them? You can never go wrong with a gift card AND this is a great place to use you Shop 716 gift card!

1434 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216 | 716-616-0777
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Mimo Decor

Our homes are an extension of who we are. We express who we are, our personality, through the pieces we choose to display or as furniture. Mimo Décor brings a unique combination of vintage and modern design to everything they sell.

Mimo Décor is a furniture and design venture established in 2017 by father-daughter partners Joe and Jessica Buscaglia. Joe manages all in-house furniture projects. Each piece is considered and treated in scale – from light retouch and reconditioning to full-on refinishing, restructuring, and total rebuild. When rehabbing to original condition is not an option, customization is often the final recourse in rescuing a piece from future death. Jessica heads up the retail and design services at Mimo. Her degree in art history forced her interests slightly elsewhere and has been collecting, envisioning, and designing for interior spaces.

In addition to their large collection of furniture and home décor, Mimo offers consultation and design services as well as furniture refinishing, repair and rental. Not sure what to get, they offer gift cards as well.

1251 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216 | 716-873-0727
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Buffalo Canvas

Buffalo Canvas design center/retail store is a one stop shop with services for print, production and installation. “Our business provides fine art, printing services, photography, design and install, and serves many different clientele such as photographers, artists, commercial and small businesses, interior designers and now retail clients,” Jennifer said. “We have a large library of images to choose from whether it’s photography or art reproductions and historical Buffalo. If we don’t have it we can find it or something similar. We work with the Buffalo Historical Society and local historical societies to find images.”

Buffalo Canvas can make mockups of what a room will look like, featuring the artwork you want to hang up on the walls. They will even provide artwork leasing for small business and commercial spaces – to provide up-to-date artwork as desired. This new program will include a small upfront cost and a monthly fee for the artwork, with the option to buy out or switch out the art at the end of the year. A couple of other services they offer are recovering damaged photos and laminating.

Buffalo Canvas can accommodate clients over the phone or in store. They even have a touch screen kiosk in the store so you can scroll through their gallery of photos and place your order right there. They also take the Shop 716 gift card!

1882 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14214 | 716-898-8907
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Elle James Décor

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Elle James was created to help people find more joy in their space and create a home or business environment that you love to be in and feel at peace and surrounded by positive energy when there! Their sage and palo santo are sourced ethically and responsibly. Always aware and respectful of the history and sacredness of the plants and natural resources. Their home décor items are handcrafted by Courtney Elle or sourced from small business, artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen locally and craftswomen locally and across the world.

Since 2018, Courtney has been preparing for this new venture in various ways. She started making custom wreaths that she sold at local craft fairs and indie markets. From there, she began to sell holders for incense, candles, etc. Her business grew and grew, while she entertained thoughts of starting an interior design and home décor business. But when the pandemic hit, she shifted her plans, to open a store that would offer customers a number of products that were hard to find in WNY – products that would help people feel more at home… in their own homes.

Courtney will also carry crystals, textured pillows, beautiful candle holders, handmade blankets, vases, and plant pot holders, for example. Whether you are looking for something to accent your home décor or a gift for someone, we recommend checking out Elle James Décor.

1856 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216 | 716-844-8312
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Gutter Pop Comics

Gutter Pop Comics on Hertel Ave may have a shelf in the back dedicated to DC and Marvel, but the majority of the store is dedicated to independent comic books. They of course have the bigger titles in the realm of independent comics like the ​Walking Dead,​ but most of their product includes more unheard of titles. Some of these titles include things like ​After Laughter​, ​Gumballs, and ​Hip Hop Family Tree​. Also in stock is a great selection of comics based on TV shows like ​Rick and Morty​, ​Spongebob Squarepants​, and ​Steven Universe​.

Independent comics are an important staple of the comic book world that can unfortunately go unnoticed, which makes what Gutter Pop is doing incredible. These alternative comics offer an infinite array of reading experiences, as they can be written about literally anything. The number of indie comic creators has been vastly growing in recent years. It really is great to see support for the smaller names in comics right here in Buffalo.

Altogether, Gutter Pop Comics is a magnificent place to shop. They certainly fit the Buffalo vibe. They’re an indie-owned business that’s supporting the indie world. They even have a section of vinyl records of local bands and artists. They are the perfect place to look for that specific, hard-to-find read, and they perfectly capture that local, indie feel. Whether you are new to comics or an avid collector, definitely stop by Gutter Pop Comics. Not sure what to get your favorite comic book enthusiast, they offer gift certificates!

1421 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216 | 716-436-4806
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Visit Buffalo Niagara

Have you picked up your Shop 716 eGift Card yet? For a limited time, when you buy one for $25 or more, you get an Erie County sponsored bonus $25 eGift Card. Support local and get rewarded for it – buy yours today and view the full list of participating businesses here:

Support your local restaurants, retailers and attractions. Keep your hard earned money, right here where you live. By doing so, you keep your friends and family employed and create more local jobs. Shopping local conserves energy and resources and is better for the environment!

WNY is our home & we can show the #Buffalove we have by shopping and supporting our local businesses. The Shop 716 initiative is to be a champion of all business, supporting the shop/support local themes; to develop business unity and camaraderie to uplift our entire region.

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