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Surf’s Up @ OSB – A Design and Dog-Friendly Craft Cider Bar

Co-owner and designer Elise Smith

Over the weekend, my friends and I decided to head to some “newer” establishments that we have never been to before. One of those was Original Stump Blower Ciderworks (OSB) on Main Street in Downtown Buffalo. OSB opened its doors directly next to Misuta Chow’s, which is actually a nice fit because both places are extremely outlandish in their own ways. While Misuta Chow’s is designed to resemble “the bustling yokocho alleys of Tokyo City,” OSB takes on a “surfer vibe” inspired by the owners’ love of wake surfing. And just like Misuta Chow’s OSB has taken the element of design to a whole different level.

The most unusual design element at OSB has got to be the colorfully-illuminated (and flickering) clouds that hang from the ceiling (designed to resemble storm clouds). The ceiling itself, along with the wall, resembles a giant ocean wave – there’s even a surfboard incorporated into the motif, along with some splashes of “tiki.” The wave wall was done by “kruk” and skate graphics are courtesy artist Vinny Alejandro.

Although I don’t claim to be an expert in the world of ciders, I spoke to some customers who were big fans of the OSB offerings. They told me that the best thing to do is to order a flight of ciders, to get a true sense of the range of flavor profiles.

With 16 craft cider taps to choose from (and 4 beer taps), there’s a lot to explore at OSB… and I’m not just talking about the tap varieties, I’m talking about all of the different nooks and crannies. For example, the powder room area – the walls are all faux ivy, with cleverly hidden doors. When the doors are all closed, it’s wall to wall ivy.

Mark Madden tests out the AR feature

Then there’s the augmented reality art gallery that is being curated by Mark Madden, who is also responsible for the painted sign on the front of the building. Just about everywhere you look, there’s something going on, including the bathrooms that resemble some sort of trippy-drippy Salvador Dalí escapade.

Trippy drippy bathroom

One of the most welcoming and surprising aspects of OSB is their mascot, Sir Glenister (the dog). As the sign on the front window clearly states, and bar owners thoroughly encourage, OSB is “dog friendly.” Yes, dogs are welcome into the bar as long as they behave themselves. We have all heard of dog-friendly patios in Buffalo, but this is the first that I have come across where they actually want dogs to pay a visit to the actual bar room. For anyone curious about the rules, they are listed at the front door, along with a mugshot of Sir Glenister, who is a big fan of walking around and greeting customers. 

There is nothing ordinary about OSB. And that’s the way that the owners like it. It’s also what the customers love about the craft cider pub, which always has something new in store – new ciders, new designs, and even new dogs (as people discover just how dog-friendly this place actually is).

OSB Ciderworks on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date.

Also visit their original location in Lakeville (about an hour and a half from Buffalo). 

Be sure to visit for the OSB Hardcore Art N Music Event on Friday, July 30, 2021 (7pm-11pm).

Original Stump Blower Ciderworks | 517 Main Street | Buffalo NY | (585) 346-7027 

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