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‘Main Culture Nutrition’ Launches Art Component

A new healthy food and drink café has opened  on Main Street, at the corner of East Ferry. Called Main Culture Nutrition, the concept behind this “community hub” is to create a space that revolves around living a healthy lifestyle. Whether that means “eating right” or “getting in fit in mind, body, and soul,” Main Culture Nutrition is looking to become a reliable resource for anyone looking to get fit, and have some stimulating fun in the process.

Main Culture Nutrition was opened by Jenning “Jen” Medina who hails from Brooklyn, NY – a health and fitness enthusiast who feels that people deserve to consume tasty and nutritious treats. Medina has also incorporated an art gallery element into the space, which she feels coincides perfectly with the whole ‘body and soul’ approach to being healthy.

“I’m a wellness coach, and I wanted to open a nutrition club – like a gym concept, where people can come together to collaborate around healthy eating in a safe space,” Medina told me. “It’s not based around drinking alcohol, which means that it’s open to young people too. I wanted the space to be visually appealing for the customers, while allowing artists to show (and sell) their works in a beautiful setting. When people walk in, they should feel inspired. I want them to get healthy too. Did you know that being healthy is 80% nutrition and 20% being active and working out? It’s mostly about what you’re consuming. It’s not the weight loss (although that’s a nice bonus) – it’s about feeding the deficiencies.  That’s when the body starts to sync. Our bodies are machines. They need the right fuel. We need to break down the fat and burn the calories, but first we need to eat right. Our bodies regenerate every 6 years – that’s when we become a brand new human. What do you want to be 6 years from now?”

The intention and vision behind Main Culture Nutrition is to create a collaborative space where all aspects of your body mind receive healthy, positive, productive nutrition!

Aside from serving up delicious menu items such as healthy donuts, revitalizing and energizing drinks, healthier versions of mocha and caramel blends, waffles (coming soon), or clean energy shake bowls, this new healthy-living retreat hosts book exchanges, comedy, digital art, spoken word, vision board workshops, 21 Day Challenges, Saturday fit camps, and yoga and Zumba classes. 

When you order food or a drink from Main Culture Nutrition, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. That’s because all of the menu items coincide with calorie counts, breakdowns of vitamins and minerals, and everything else that you might want to know about the ingredients and nutrients… known in the fitness world as “macros” (visit this Facebook page for details). And don’t think that there is any sacrifice when it comes to taste… just order up a Berry Chocolate Bowl with chocolate gluten-free granola, and see/taste for yourself.

One of the newest cultural components to launch at Main Culture Nutrition is the gallery element. The initial show will feature Buffalo artist ArtiSHE aka Charlotte Cardwell, who is showcasing her Pure Elements series on Saturday, July 17, 2021 from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm.

Main Culture Nutrition | 1526 Main Street | Buffalo NY | (347) 659-3165 | Instagram

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