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Seneca One Tower taps into the “Picture Store” for its iconic Buffalo imagery

Seneca One Tower is quickly becoming an epicenter of food, beer, culture, and history. Adding to the “history” department, Douglas Development Corporation has teamed together with Ace Flag & Visual Promotion and the Buffalo History Museum to display visuals of this city’s illusterous past throughout the Tower.

The historic works, supplied by the Buffalo History Museum’s “Picture Store,” will be reproduced on a large scale, using equipment from Ace Flag & Visual Promotion. The series of works to be displayed, such as historic aerial shots and architectural landmarks, also includes future murals to be added to the mix.


“Working with The Buffalo History Museum has allowed us access to an unprecedented look into the history of Buffalo,” said Sean T. Heidinger, Director of Business Development at Douglas Development Corporation. “Douglas Development uses the Museum’s incredible photos from the past to pay tribute to the city’s history in the spaces that are considered the future of Buffalo. It’s hard to focus on the future without knowing much about where you come from. The vast amount of photos of architecture and innovation in Buffalo is unbelievable.”

“From the minute I met Douglas Jemal, it was very evident how much he was interested in, and loved, Buffalo history,”said Chad Vosseller, President of Ace Flag & Visual Promotion. “The website that the Museum created has been a great resource to find pictures that are a high enough quality to print. This has been a really fun collaboration to be a part of and I have learned a lot more about our Buffalo history. It is an honor to be a part of projects that shine a positive light on our city. The sky’s the limit and this is only the beginning as we highlight our proud history. Keep your eye out for some more murals at Douglas properties.”

“When we opened our Picture Store in 2018, the idea was to offer an online service so that the public, historians, and businesses could easily acquire historic Buffalo images for their projects. After working with the photo collection for years, I have seen what an incredible resource it can be,” added Cynthia Van Ness, Director of Library & Archives at the Museum. “With our collection more accessible, our photos would be going out into the world in any number of ways. It was exciting to learn from Barbara Kluge at Ace Flag that she has been using our images to make wall-sized murals for One Seneca. How wonderful to see our photographs used this way as we collaborate with both Douglas Development and Ace Flag while they showcase local history!”

Hopefully, the historic imagery will serve as a reminder about how valuable our city’s assemblage of architectural treasures actually is. While we have retained so much, we also lost a lot along the way. It’s more important than ever to protect what remains. These images should serve as a “wake up call” that there was a lot more to Buffalo than meets the eye, historically speaking.

All are welcome to browse the historic photos available at the Museum’s Picture Store.

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