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The beloved “Juicery” concept returns to Delaware Park

Official opening in early May 2021

What’s summer without The Juicery at Delaware Park? The one at Ring Road? The iconic juice kiosk that, in the 80’s, sold fresh and healthy squeezed drinks, pita pockets, smoothies, etc.?

Now, thanks to local owners Angelo Canna and Jake Caprow, The Juicery concept is making a comeback. 

In recent years, this beloved food stand was home to Ashker’s in the Park, among other enterprises, all of which were well-received. But when people who have been living in Buffalo for a spell think about this location, it’s hard not to think about the Juicery, which exploded onto the scene as a quintessential health food hot spot… 35 years ago? It just goes to show, how much people loved this place during its heyday.

Back in the day, The Juicery was a destination. Not only did its customer base consist of walkers, joggers, and other fitness types, the health food stand was a destination that people would bike and drive to, to get their smoothie and pita pocket fixes. Now, that’s all about to come back, including the nostalgic name, which many people still tend to associate with the eatery. 

“Inspired by the original Juicery from the 1980s,” The Juicery will feature natural foods, fresh pressed juices, smoothies, bowls, vegetarian options, and the “famous pita pockets” of course. There will also be ice cream, since a stand like this just has to have cold, sweet treats. Adding to the attraction, Canna and Caprow have decided to incorporate another destination-driving element to the business model – “Alongside our healthy option dining we will also be providing a fresh foods market. Highlighting local farms and business there will be options for local bulk coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables, alongside fresh baked foods and local canned products.”

Seeing that more people are eating outside due to the pandemic, it’s the perfect time to relaunch this adored Buffalo brand. At the same time, there is a new generation of health food lovers out there who will also be in tune with the whole “local” element. Canna and Caprow ensured that everyone is happy with this concept, from the 80’s fans with the pockets and smoothies, to newbies that will assuredly flip for the yogurt/açaí bowls.

“I’m excited that The Juicery will be back open this year with a refreshed menu,” said Delaware District Councilmember Joel Feroleto. “The operators are restaurateurs that know the business – this will be a great asset to Delaware Park.”

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