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Terrie’s… Boxing Club!

For 32 years, Terrie’s Workout Center has been going strong. Over this time period, this family owned and operated gym and fitness center has been a North Buffalo staple that has managed to expand significantly, as it accommodated the growing demands of its clients.

Most recently, Terrie’s expanded into what was formerly a Hydroponics of Buffalo location. The expansive new space turned out to be optimal for a new boxing facility, which is being managed by Terrie’s son, Chad Pozantidis.

Chad told me that despite his family owning a gym, he started off his career in the restaurant business, but in his late 20’s he began training at the gym under a professional boxer/trainer. Chad ended up getting the boxing/training bug himself, and started teaching boxing classes on the second floor of the Workout Center, where he built a compact 16 foot boxing ring.

Chad throws some punches

Over the course of 16 years, Chad started to get more serious about boxing. As word of the boxing amenities and routines traveled, Chad realized that a number of the fitness clients were inquiring about taking boxing classes and using the equipment, including the heavy bags. When Hydroponics of Buffalo went out of business, he figured that the time had come to expand the boxing offerings.

To get started, Chad and his dad began to strip the wood floors that had been compromised by the hydroponics business. “The place was pretty beat up,” he told me. “The floors had paint and plaster all over them. With a lot of hard work, we managed to restore their beauty, and they turned out to be the perfect look for an old school boxing gym. We build a professional 22 foot ring, hung photos of old Buffalo fights, and added a bunch of different types of bags for different boxing routines, including kickboxing. We hired 6 trainers, a few that have competed. But don’t let that intimidate you – the gym is open for everyone, no matter the age or ability. Most of of clients are actually women. We start with the basics, teaching students how to wrap their hands properly, and move on from there, whether it’s skipping rope, hitting the bags, or even heading into the ring to train.”

Chad told me that Terrie’s Boxing Club is affiliated with USA Boxing, for competition purposes. Not that they will be hosting any big fights, but there will be some professionals training taking place at the gym. “We positioned the stage so that people can see it from the sidewalk and the street,” Chad mentioned. “It’s going to be a natural attraction. People are already curious. A lot of people are looking to get healthy these days – boxing is a great stress reliever, especially during a pandemic. We offer personal training, group classes, and we’re even starting kids’ training and group classes.”

Terrie’s’ fitness offerings run the gamut these days. Chad informed me that the second floor of the Workout Center has a pilates studio, and a yoga studio will soon replace the original boxing ring. When I asked him about the relationship between both of the fitness facilities, he said that there are discounts for joining The Workout Center and The Boxing Club, but they are distinct, dedicated gyms. The Workout Center features machine and free weights, rowing machines, treadmills, battle ropes, Life Cycles, ellipticals,  spinning classes… the works – you name it, they have it.

After visiting the boxing club, I toured the Workout Center with Terrie herself, and couldn’t believe how massive the facility was. There’s even a juice bar inside! In fact, between the Workout Center and the Boxing Club, Terries occupies three rather large buildings along Hertel. That alone is an impressive feat.

Boxing used to be a big deal in Buffalo. As of late, the sport has actually been making a bit of a comeback.

The opening of this sizable boxing facility is another unique attraction on Hertel – a street that prides itself on its increasingly diverse offerings.

“This is a great addition to the neighborhood and congratulations are in order for the Pozantidis family,” said Delaware District councilmember Joel Feroleto. “Expanding during a pandemic is a huge accomplishment.”

Terrie’s Boxing Club will be officially opening on Friday, May 14.

Terrie’s Boxing Club | 1471 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo NY 14216 | 716-783-9775

Free parking in rear

Membership to the boxing club only is $40 a month ($30 for existing Terrie’s gym members or personal training members)

Boxing Club and Terrie’s Gym joint membership is $75 a month (discounts for signing up for multiple months)

Open gym hours M-F 9am – 8pm & S-S 9am – 4pm

Kickboxing, one-on-one training, partner training, group training, competitive training, kid’s training (starting at 8 years old), kids’ group classes (boxing info coming soon)

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