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Spark Spotlight: Gaitrie Subryan, Leading Where You Are

The Spark Awards celebrate and recognize outstanding individuals and organizations from across the Western New York arts community for their dedication, talent, and impact on the arts and cultural sector. This year’s presentation will be streamed for free on our YouTube page on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

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Gaitrie Subryan is an Educator, Performer, Choreographer, Teaching Artist, and Yoga Instructor. She founded Buffalo’s first Bollywood dance classes, Devi Bollywood Performing Arts in 2013. She is a company member for The Sa Dance Company, under the artistic vision of the world-renowned choreographer Payal Kadakia. Gaitrie’s training with Indian dance consists of Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Garba, Bhangra, and Semi-Classical dance.

Gaitrie has received grants from Give for Greatness grant funded by Arts Services Inc., NYSCA, and is a SPARK award recipient. Over the years Gaitrie has worked with artists in the Western New York area such as Naryan Padmanabha, Elaine Gardner, John Lehrer, and Robin Hibbert.

Gaitrie’s work has evolved through her continuous dedication to learning Indian Classical dance which has given her a very unique style of choreography. She is currently studying Kathak dance through Leela Institute of Kathak and with renowned Kathak choreographer and teacher Jayeeta Dutt.

Gaitrie’s passion for movement can also be seen in her practice of Yoga. She is certified Kids yoga instructor through Kidding Around Yoga and an adult Yoga instructor she received her RYT 200 certification through East Meets West Yoga studios in 2016.

Gaitrie’s mission to continue to offer a platform for individuals from all backgrounds to experience Indian dance and culture.

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Who and/or what inspired you to become an artist?
I don’t know when it happened to be honest. I didn’t grow up taking dance and art classes, the focus for me and my siblings was school. I found dance in college and thought it was just something to get me through those years while doing something fun. After I graduated I started taking dance classes daily. It was those years of finally taking classes and performing that inspired me to become an artist, seeing my friends and teachers love what they were doing sparked something within me and helped me to seek out my own happiness within the arts.

What motivates you to keep working and creating?
What motivates me to keep working is the desire to know more about myself and my creative potential. There is a part of me that desires to feel something and share emotion in my creation, this is something that helps to keep me creating.

If you didn’t work in this industry, what would you be doing? What other career do you think you would have and why?
If I didn’t pursue dance, I would be working in a school as a counselor. I absolutely love working with children and youth and helping them to see their potential. I had a great counselor that helped me through a lot while growing up and she saw potential in me that I did not see within myself.

What hobbies or likes do you have outside of the arts?
Outside of the arts, it would be cooking! I really enjoy food and how it has the ability to bring people together. Everyone who has been to our house for a get-together knows that the best thing to do is to come hungry and ready to eat.

What is one thing people don’t know about you and/or your work?
One thing that people don’t know about me is that I get consumed by work, I don’t know how to slow down and take rest (at least that was pre-covid me) things have slightly changed since 2020. The other thing is sometimes I limited my creative potential because I am afraid it might rock the boat, or people won’t like it, or it doesn’t fit what others think “my style” is. I am trying to work my way out of this mentality and create things that I feel needs to be shared.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or share appreciation for?
I would like to thank ASI and those who nominated me for this award. I am beyond humbled and grateful for this achievement. I would also like to show my appreciation to my husband, my family, and my friends who have supported me on this roller coaster journey and pushed me to keep my passion alive.

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