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Longshed Open House… with a Bang!

The Buffalo Maritime Center (BMC) is hosting a highly anticipated “open house” this coming Saturday. The open house will give the public an eye-opening look into the significant project that is currently underway, starting with the longshed (already built), and leading up to the packet boat (under construction).

New scale model of the Seneca Chief

Not only is their a new scale model of the Seneca Chief Erie Canal boat, nautical enthusiasts will be happy to find midship frames, gussets, floor timbers, and the keel, which have been designed and fabricated by WNY boatbuilders in anticipating of crafting together the hand hewn packet boat. As if that was not enough, there are two very historically significant marine crafts on view at the site:

BMC boatbuilders and volunteers will be on hand to chat with visitors, to answer any questions that they might have. Just be wary that there will be some loud celebratory “cannon fire” throughout the course of the day – after all, this would not be an authentic maritime undertaking without a booming cannon!

There is also a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) educational component to look forward to. The Conable Family Foundation has made a donation to construct an interactive STEM activity station for kids to try out.

Designer Scott Wood’s concept of the STEM station

The STEM station involves barrels and pulleys – demonstrating the “mechanical advantage” of using the pulleys to lift the barrels off the ground. There will also be a historic lesson or two, pertaining to the role that the barrels played in seafaring commerce. Kids will even be able to help piece together a barrel, to see how it is constructed.

“When people come by our Open House on Saturday, they’ll see a completed exhibit in the mezzanine with informative panels and interactive monitors dedicated to the Erie Canal, the vessels that traveled along its waterways, and our project,” said Brian Trzeciak, Executive Director Buffalo Maritime Center. “There will be a new, scale model of the Erie Canal Boat, Seneca Chief, on display with scale models of horses that would have pulled it along. Also, our boatbuilders will have midship frames, gussets, and floor timbers of the Erie Canal Boat on the shop floor along with the keel for people to see. Lastly, outside under the veranda of the Longshed, people will be able to see two lifeboats that played a pivotal role in Buffalo’s maritime history: the lifeboat from the Canadiana and the charred lifeboat from the Dauntless #12 tugboat disaster. Saturday is a chance for folks to check out the advancements we’ve made to the project and, for people who have been wondering what’s going on in the building, it’s a chance to see the interior for the first time.”

Longshed Open House

Saturday, April 10th from 10am – 4pm



Masks are required, and social distancing guidelines will be in effect

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