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Local Made | A monthly guide that features rising entrepreneurs and artisans

Buffalo Rising’s newly launched guide, Local Made, will be published on the second Wednesday each month as a way to introduce and reacquaint readers with local makers: newly launched or up-and-coming entrepreneurs, small artists and makers.

Banky Girl Creations

When Katie Thurber became a mom, she realized that her “former happy hour-attending, movie-going, cute-dress-wearing self had disappeared, and t-shirts, caffeine, and Netflix were here to stay.” She enjoys creating things that brings her unique sense of humor and experiences as a mother of three to her products. She has turned two of her biggest brands, Because Kids and Chaos Coordinator into popular product collections. In addition, she donates a percentage of her monthly profits to Oshei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo!  

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Jeannine Mullan – The Floating World

“The Floating World” in Buddhist philosophy references our physical, impermanent world. Jeannine Mullan is an experimental visual artist, challenging the conventions of image-making by blending various processes and layering materials to create mystery and movement in her work. Jeannine Mullan’s paintings honor both the beauty of our world and its fleeting reality. In a state of constant change, all matter transforms. In earth and floating in the cosmos, we live. Her pictures are alive and move in water, land, wind and sky. They exist in the spaces of transition between the seasonal cycles from birth to death.

Website | Instagram | Buffalo Art Movement

Trebird Jewelry

Trebird Jewelry was founded in 2012 by Katie Toth after graduating from Buffalo State College. There she was introduced to metalsmithing which led to her desire to keep learning more about the craft. In her early years, she experimented with different forms of jewelry making such as wire wrapping, beading, and more. This eventually led to using skateboards as her medium which lasted for years. As her style evolved and techniques changed, she dove back into metalsmithing to create timeless pieces with beautiful stones and silver. Trebird is constantly evolving and is consistently introducing new techniques and styles into each piece. As a primarily self-taught metalsmith, Katie is always excited to learn about the process and expand her skill set. Her unique jewelry makes a great gift.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kitch Studio

Erin Roberts discovered Etsy in 2010 and fell in love with its mission. “I believe that buying something hand crafted & unique is something rare and beautiful in our current retail climate and I am proud to be a part of that.” Using her talents as a screen printer and inspired by her love for kitchen and home accessories, she started Kitch Studio, with the belief that a few well placed items using bold design can make over a space without breaking the bank. “I want you to be downright GIDDY over the new little tea towel or sign that you just placed in your kitchen! The kind of happiness that makes you walk back into the room just to see it again… And that is what I strive to achieve with my Kitch shop – beautiful and unique pieces that are thoughtfully hand crafted, and make you just a little happier.”

Facebook | Instagram | Etsy

The Lounge Shop

One of the biggest things we realized over the past year is that comfort is key, especially for those of us working from home. Sweatpants and sweatshirts have become the have become the go to outfits, especially during our cold Buffalo winters and even through spring. Sarah Desmone, owner of The Lounge Shop, started her company featuring Buffalo-centric lounge wear. She has customers in at least 21 states and now branching out, creating loungewear for customers in cities and regions across the country. Comfort is key and no one does that better than The Lounge Shop.

Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

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