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Head on over to the Hertel Mutt Strut

If you’ve got a dog, you probably enjoy taking him or her for walks. Not only is walking a dog enjoyable for the dog, it’s also beneficial for the owner. Aside from the obvious health benefits, ambling along with a four-legged friend is an invaluable bonding exercise, whether it’s a brisk morning stroll at the park, or a window-shopping walk down a favorite commercial street.

If the latter scenario sounds good to you, maybe you should mark Saturday May 29 on your calendar. That’s the day of the Hertel Mutt Strut. Each year, The Puppy Playpen, the Hertel Bussiness Association, and Daisy’s Doghouse team up to present an outing that has come to be the bark of the town.

“It is an event designed to encourage people to walk their dogs along Hertel and discover new businesses, dog friendly shops and restaurant patios, as well as to get some exercise,” said Lisa Samar, owner of Daisy’s Doghouse. “Red bowls indicate dog friendly Hertel Business Association members.”

Despite the pandemic, the dog show must go on. In the case of the Hertel Mutt Strut, it’s an outdoor event, which means that people and pups can really spread out.

“In a non-covid year we would have many rescue groups represented,” explained Samar. “This year we will have City Shelter cats and kittens at Daisy’s – we foster cats year round in the store, so this is a normal thing for us… cats at the dog store! We will also have volunteers from the shelter walking the strip with adoptable dogs. The only other organizations we will have this year are Fix A Bull and Dog Tags. There will be a basket raffle to help raise money for Fix-A-Bull at Daisy’s. Puppy Playpen will be doing a photo contest, and we will be encouraging businesses to use the day to have specials or fun things to do at the stores with the dogs.”

As much as this event is designed around getting outdoors and having some fun, Samar asks that people who attend the Strut use common sense.

“If it’s too hot for the winter dogs, leave them at home,” she noted. “And please use 6’ leashes only. Also, it’s important to bring dogs that like be around other dogs.”

That all sounds commonsensical to me. Now, let’s get out there and have some fun with our furry friends, in a neighborhood that is getting dog-friendlier all the time. Woof!

The Hertel Mutt Strut is Saturday May 29th from 11-4pm along Hertel Avenue.

Written by queenseyes


Newell Nussbaumer is 'queenseyes' - Eyes of the Queen City and Founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. Co-founder Powder Keg Festival that built the world's largest ice maze (Guinness Book of World Records). Instigator behind Emerald Beach at the Erie Basin Marina. Co-created Flurrious! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. Instigator behind Saturday Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside, Buffalo Porchfest, and Paint vs. Paint. Founder of The Peddler retro and vintage market on Elmwood. Instigator behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws The Witches Ball at Statler City, the Hertel Alley Street Art Festival, and The Flutterby Festival.

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