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Big Reveal: Seneca One Plaza Addition

Douglas Jemal is still tinkering with his plans for the Seneca One complex. Next up: a three-story addition to one of the completed retail buildings on the eastern side of the complex’s plaza. The addition will bring 33 new apartments to the mixed-use development.

Construction on the first phases of the redevelopment effort is wrapping up with retail buildings and clubhouses constructed on the plaza, 115 apartments located in the complex’s annex buildings, new office space additions on the lower levels, and renovations to the tower’s office floors.

From the application to the Planning Board:

The initial Phase 2 Site Plan approved by the Planning Board on July 31, 2017 included a four-story Retail Building with retail on the first floor and three stories of residential above (image below). Subsequently, those plans were amended to, among other things, reduce the building to the existing single story. As such, the Amended Plans are nearly identical to the plans previously approved by the Planning Board. The Amended Plans propose to add three stories of residential to the existing 1 story Retail Building. Each residential story will contain three two-bedroom and eight one-bedroom apartments, for a total of 33 new apartments. The proposed floor levels and parapet height are based on the existing Annex Building levels. The Amended Plans will continue to promote activity at the Site, and continue the transformation of the vacant 1.2 million square foot office complex into a mixed use ‘Live/Work/Play’ development.

Previous Plan for Four-Story Plaza Building

Each residential story will contain three two-bedroom and eight one-bedroom apartments, for a total of 33 new apartments. The existing one-story Retail Building has a ground footprint of 10,000 square feet. Each residential story proposes a footprint of 10,000 square feet, constructed within the same footprint as the existing Retail Building. The addition proposes a façade of red brick and will have 4’ by 6’ windows with munitins and caste stone stills, allowing for a visual connection between the plaza and the rest of the Site.

A wind canopy will be installed covering the walkway Tower and the Retail Building. The canopy will align with the adjacent wind canopy, which covers the area between the Retail Building and the South Annex. The wind canopy will block the walkway between the Tower and the Retail Building from wind and will provide cover from the elements.

Developer proposes to add two marquee signs to the new addition. To the extent variances are required, Developer will submit an application to the ZBA for the appropriate area variances.

Jemal is not wasting time. If approved, he plans to have the building complete and tenant-ready by November 1. Antunovich is project architect.

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