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Starting March 1, it’s for real.

The Allentown Association has issued a reminder to be mindful of school speed zone cameras, which have been reactivated throughout the city. The Association also made it clear that the ‘warning period’ ends at the end of February. Starting March 1, tickets will be issued to drivers who are caught speeding through the 15 MPH school zones, from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Drivers going ten miles over the speed limit will be issued tickets.

I spoke to Delaware District Councilman Joel Feroleto, who told me that he has requested that the City starts posting the actual hours when the cameras are on, during designated drop-off and pick-up times, instead of blanketing the time period (listed on the signs) from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. “Drivers don’t know when the cameras are on,” said Feroleto. “The signs should say when the cameras are on, which correlates with the pick-ups and drop-offs. Originally the flashing beacons were on only when cameras were on. As of now the beacons are on throughout the entire school day.

Anyone that has driven through one of these school speed zones knows how slow 15 MPH actually is. And of course it’s very important to drive slow when students are getting to school, and then again when they are getting out. But there’s a lot of time in-between, when the students are safely inside the schools.

With 20 of these school zone cameras in place, there’s going to be some slow driving in general throughout the city. Be sure to pay attention, and don’t speed during school days, or you might wind up with a ticket – a ticket that thousands of people are already quite familiar with (in the form of a warning, thus far). The only difference is that this time, it’s for real.

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Speed zone camera locations:

•    Canisius High School, 1180 Delaware
•    Nichols School, 1250 Amherst Street
•    Notre Dame Academy, 1125 Abbott Road
•    St. Joseph University School, 3275 Main Street
•    Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Children’s Academy, 3149 Bailey Avenue
•    Discovery School, 911 Abbott Rd.
•    Dr. Blackman, PS 54, 2358 Main St.
•    Grabiarz School/West Hertel, 489 Hertel Ave.
•    Eve School, 453 Leroy Ave.
•    Olmsted School, 319 Suffolk St.
•    Houghton Academy, 1725 Clinton St.
•    Hutch Tech/ Herman Badillo Bilingual Academy, 256 Elmwood Ave. and 315 Carolina St.
•    Makowski School, 1095 Jefferson Ave.
•    McKinley School, 1500 Elmwood Ave.
•    Porter School/ DaVinci School, 255 Porter Ave. / 320 Porter Ave.
•    Bennett Park Montessori, 342 Clinton St.
•    Performing Arts, 450 Masten Ave.
•    Academy Middle, 425 South Park
•    Lewis J. Bennett School, 2885 Main St.
•    Harvey Austin School, 1405 Sycamore St.

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