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STILL TALKING | Susan Morreale

We asked Susan Morreale, Owner of @herstorybuffalo : “How were the paths of your medical and retail careers influenced by your own personal wellness journey?”

“Well, first of all, I’ve always believed in taking care of yourself and helping others to do the same.” At the age of 20, Susan began her nursing career and her passion for caring for others was discovered. But soon, the desire to spend more time with her loved ones created the need for a career change.

“After I had my daughter, I really wanted to spend more time with her. It was a business that I could have her there with me and still help others.”

Soon after, Her Story was born. The shop is a great reflection of Susan’s own life experiences.

In a different capacity after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I really needed to look at the things that were out of my control and try to concentrate on the things that I could control. It started with my mind and also with the food that I ate. I began to really research and look at the things that I could do to help myself and help others learn about healthy living.

To find out more about Susan and about Her Story and Her Sanctuary, watch the video above or check her out on IG!

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Written by Devin Chavanne

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