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Community Supported Composting

For the New Year, I decided that I would try my hand at making some pressed juices. Nothing complicated – carrots, celery, apples… that sort of thing. Right away, I realized that there was a problem. While the juice was great, there was a lot of leftover pulp. Typically, I pride myself in not throwing anything out – I even try to use my spent coffee grounds by adding them to potting soil. But the pulp presented a problem.

I recently began looking for a compost setup for my small yard, but decided that I needed a different solution. My neighbors have a new compost barrel, but I’m not sure if they would want me bringing over my fruit pulp. I may ask them in the spring.

Since I live in the Elmwood Village, I will now consider getting onboard with the EV organization’s free scrap composting program (in conjunction with City Hall’s 34and More recycling initiative). A friend of mine does it already, and she’s swears by it. With that in mind I called her, to ask her some questions about the program, and how she liked it.

“I’ve been using it for a while,” said Therese Forton-Barnes. “And I love it. Before I started the program, I was dropping my food scraps off at the organization’s permanent compost bin on Elmwood, but eventually I decided to sign up for the pick-up service, which has been very handy.”

Therese is the person that taught me the how to make pressed juices, so I wasn’t surprised when she told me that she was already onboard with the Scrap It! composting program. But then she informed me that she had already outgrown the program, and that she had just signed up with Farmer Pirates to have one of their larger catch-all bins delivered to her house (she’s expecting it to arrive tomorrow).

Back in 2016, I wrote about Farmer Pirates and the organization’s Composting Crew. So I was happy to hear that people were utilizing the service 5 years later. In fact, just the other day, I noticed one of their bins in front of a neighbor’s house, who lives a couple of doors down. I was meaning to inquire about the updates to their program, and here was my lucky opportunity.

Farmer Pirates

“I just signed up,” Therese told me. “I cook a lot, and juice a lot. I wanted to make sure that all of the organic waste was not sent to the landfill, including my spent coffee grounds and eggshells. These are all great programs. I’m happy that I started with the Elmwood Village program. It was a nice way to get started – I picked up my free countertop pail at Thin Ice on Elmwood. It came with a couple of biodegradable bags to get me started. Then I ordered my own bags that I pop into the pail to put the scraps in. It’s nice having the smaller Elmwood Village pail on the counter, and (soon) the larger Farmer Pirates bin on my porch. Who would have thought that we would have all of these options for composting? Plus, I will still drop some stuff off on Elmwood, when I don’t want to wait for two weeks for Farmer Pirates to pick up my larger bin. But for the most part, two weeks is a good time allotment for the scraps to accumulate. I’m thinking about paying a little more, and having the farm drop off the fertilizer in the spring, made with the composted discards.”

For more information on the Farmer Pirates composting program, the organization offers a Residential Compost Pickup service, and a Commercial Compost Pickup service. For $135 (residential), the Farmer Pirates Compost Crew provides customers with a full year of compost pick-up service. To see a full list of all of the items that can be composted, click here.

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