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BRTV | Chef Darian Bryan

Darian Bryan came to Buffalo from Jamaica. Surrounded by his 5 sisters and single mom, he strove to achieve greatness. Despite having no running water or electricity, he attributes his success to “just hard work…every day just holding my head down when I hold my head up.” He started in Buffalo 2 years ago, partnering with small businesses, using their space to hold pop-up restaurants, serving a 6-8 course menu.

Since that time, he’s become personal chef to Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs and cooks for other Buffalo players as well. Chef Darian excitedly told us “wow, I’m there with the top dogs in Buffalo, it’s just a great feeling!” When discussing Diggs’ preferences, he simply said “he’s very flexible, he’s always like ‘you know what surprise me!’ He never tells me what he wants. He’s like ‘I trust you, food is amazing. Just surprise us.’”

He has also recently released a new cookbook, using the time during the pandemic to write it titled “Healthy at Home: 15 Fresh Recipes.” Darian also owns and runs The Plating Society where he’s a teacher, pop-up restaurateur, private chef and caterer. He attributed his work ethic to one person, his mom, who works 3 jobs. “I want my mom to live a comfortable life…I just want to make her proud.”

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Photography by Joshua Koester
Edited by Joshua Koester and Vincent Berbano
Written and Produced by George Johnson

Written by Buffalo Rising

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