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Interview: Created and Crafted with Mason Brody

Mason Brody is a young entrepreneur who is making some big strides in the realm of hand crafted signs. The name of his business is aptly called Created and Crafted. 

I am a 15 year old entrepreneur!” explains Mason. “I make and paint anything for all seasons to sell. I create whimsical things from everyday items to hopefully spark joy in people.”

How long have you been painting?

8 to ten years

Did it come naturally for you?

Yes, naturally – since I was little I was into art.

Are there any other artists in your family?

My mom was a baker, which is artsy in a different way. She decorated cookies – I’ve always helped her. She started a bakery, with primitive furniture in Alden. I grew up in that atmosphere – I wanted to help when I was little.

Are these holiday ornaments?

The items that I make are door hangers, house decoration, signs… truck door signs are the most popular. I think that’s because the truck is universal. We have family photos in front of old trucks. I like to take everyday things and transform them into my own style. It’s fun to take something that is generic and give it an abstract feel.

What is your favorite holiday creation?

Door hangers – the ones that are so different. I frame them with a 3D Christmas scene – it’s a new level of creativity for me.

Do you specialize in holiday themes?

I do a lot of holidays. Also simple door signs, with family names.

Tell me about the process.

I start my design process a holiday season before. I want people to get the product early and on time. I start by sketching, then plan a mockup, before asking my family their opinions. Then I post on social media and take orders.

What do you enjoy most about this?

Doing all the things that I want.

What made you decide to start selling them?

Three years ago I started going to craft shows and vendor fairs to watch what people were doing. That’s where I got inspiration – I loved seeing all of the things that people made and sold.

How do you describe your medium?

I use acrylic craft paint, which is affordable. I paint on pie pans a lot, or whatever else I have on hand. I go to thrift stores to find things, and try to find multiples so that I always have a stock.

What happened when the pandemic hit?

I’ve been using up all of my items, but fortunately I had a lot. I am starting to run out though. I was lucky that I had enough to fulfill all of the orders for the holidays. My parents have also been helping me find items – everyone helps out. After Christmas, I will have time to start building up my supplies, but it’s harder because of the pandemic… I’ve been scratching around my house looking for things to paint.

Do you take requests?

Yes in the past, but right now ‘no’ because so much is selling. I will probably start taking requests after Christmas. I just did a yellow Volkswagen Bug for someone.

What’s the hardest part about all of this?

Mass producing items in a short amount of time. I painted around 60 trucks alone this holiday season.

Henry Ford would be proud! How do you have time to paint so many items?

I paint after school, whenever I have free time. I can paint really fast now – I can do ten in two days!

Do you paint them all the same?

Not the same, but not too different either, because people want to get what they ordered.

Are your sales all regional?

Yes, for now, because a lot of it is word of mouth. I also have not figured out shipping and pricing yet, which is an upcoming goal.

What’s the funnest part?

Painting them – it’s therapeutic.

What’s a lesson that you have learned?

To have people say that you can’t cant paint 60 trucks in two days, and then prove them wrong. For me, this is a passion business – I love what I’m doing.

What are you saving money for?

A car. I will be getting my permit soon.

What does your future behold?

I’ve always been a planner, so I know what I want to do. I want to be an art teacher – to get degrees in Fine Arts and Liberal Arts. I want to teach art, and have a small business on the side, selling my hand-painted items.

Anything else?

I want to credit my parents for being my biggest supporters. They handle the money, my travel, and help me make connections. They made this happen.

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