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Foodnerd Launches First Plant-Based Cereal Containing Broccoli Sprouts

Buffalo, NY Company Committed to Sprouted Superfoods Launches Cereal Line

Foodnerd is at it again. A couple of months ago, we featured the “raw, sprouted, and organic superfoods” Buffalo company that prides itself on being a healthy start to anyone’s day. At the time, we discussed the healthy attributes of the “vegan, sugar free, gluten free, artificial free, soy free, and 100% natural superfood,” which, at the time, considered itself a substitute to the more traditional breakfast cereals.

Essentially, Foodnerd came up with a product – sprouted Overnights that has been winning the hearts and the “likes” of countless customers that have discovered the benefits of the shelf-stable, nutrient-dense products – mainly raw and sprouted oat groat breakfast.

Now, the plant-based meal prep business has come up with a new twist on its sprouted mega-food products – SeeReal. The new product line is considered “the first ever raw and sprouted cereal that is formulated for optimal nutrition, and positively processed to maintain all of its nutrient integrity.”

Whereas the Overnights line – oat, chia pudding, and buckwheat breakfasts – are literally sprouted overnight, the SeeReal (pretty cute huh?) line is “is deliciously disguised to serve as the replacement for the most popular cereals.” Smart. 

SeeReal is aptly named considering it’s made with real fruits and vegetables.

It was only a matter of time before Foodnerd launched these cereal products that are made with real fruits and vegetables. After all, there are some people that will take the time to sprout their breakfast overnight, and then there are those who don’t want to plan ahead. For the latter, Foodnerd offers up the following SeeReal flavors – Fruity Fantasy, Dark Chocolate, and Banana Bread. 

What is also interesting about this new SeeReal line is that the products are still made from raw, sprouted, vegan ingredients – in this case… broccoli sprouts.

Harnessing the power of broccoli sprouts.

“We’re incredibly excited to give people another opportunity to start their mornings sprouted! Our SeeReal is the only breakfast cereal on the market that contains broccoli sprouts, which have endless health benefits,” said Foodnerd Founder and CEO, Sharon Cryan.

In addition, our processing method (which we’re coining as ‘positive processing’), allows our products to maintain highly concentrated and beneficial nutrients that are typically lost in traditional food processing methods.”

Other benefits to the SeeReal products include:

  • Sprouting to increase bioavailability
  • Never using heat above 118 degrees F, the temperature at which nutrients begin to degrade
  • Never using chemical additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or “natural” flavors

On positive processing, Cryan said, “The bulk of our population is overfed and undernourished since the majority of our food supply consists of ultra-processed foods. To make a change in the quality of food we’re eating, it needs to come from the manufacturer side. That’s where Foodnerd comes in. We’re meeting people where they’re at by producing positively processed foods that are deliciously disguised in a form that people are used to.”

For more information, follow the company at @Foodnerdinc on Instagram and Facebook, or visit the company website at

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