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Construction Watch: Statler Facade Work

The ground floor of the Statler is looking fresh these days.  Owner Douglas Jemal is undertaking a series of facade, window, and canopy repairs to the historic structure.

According to plans approved by the Preservation Board, the scope of work includes:

  • Returning the ground floor level of the building façade to its original aesthetic.
  • Restoring original terracotta cladding and ornament that has been worn over the years.
  • Removing red granite cladding which is not original to the building.
  • Replacing missing terracotta block with GFRC replicas.
  • Restoring/repairing the original revolving doors at the main entry.
  • Removing the temporary vestibule at the main entry.
  • Relocating door openings that had since been moved back to their original locations.
  • Reducing the size of the storefront openings along Genesee Street (which are not original) to match the size of the openings on Delaware Avenue.
  • Painting and repairing existing wood windows where needed.
  • Painting and cleaning window grates.
  • Removing storefront that is not original to the building and replacing it with storefronts which match the original storefront look.
  • Recreating copper sweep awnings at storefronts along Delaware Avenue, Mohawk Street and Genesee Street.
  • Repairing and restoring of two original canopies along Delaware Ave and Franklin Street.
  • Recreating a canopy on Genesee Street.

The new storefronts are aluminum with a dark bronze finish/color. Storefronts have a trim attachment to create the storefront profile that would have been original to the building.

The  awning/canopy work includes recreating copper sweep awnings at the storefronts. The awnings will be 2’-5” in height, project 1’-0” from the face of the building and will match the width of the associated storefronts.  Each canopy has a steel structure and to be clad in aluminum with a dark bronze finish and ornamental GFRC mullions and glass Ales. Each canopy extends 18 feet beyond the face of the building and matches the associated building entry width.

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