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BRTV: MMB Realty

MMB Realty, a newly-established real estate company, was founded by partners Mia Mootry, Tamika Collins-Murphy and Rosalind Burgin.

Though they work to help sellers and buyers, their true passions lie in creating a familial atmosphere and educating their community in the homebuying process.

The partners have strong, shared goals reflected in the company’s motto, “One team, one vision, one goal, one you.” That family motto has led the women to work with clients for years before their clients even purchase homes, and they’ve even attended clients’ baby showers, barbecues and weddings.

They help other real estate agents, as well. When other agents join the team, the role models help the other agents build their businesses, and act as mentors to ensure their mentees’ success in the real estate industry, as well.

The trio constantly learns and adapts to being agents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Burgin notes that for the agents, “it’s either a learning day or an earning day,” and they believe if they’re learning something new about the industry, it’s just as valuable.

Rosalind notes that there is a disparity in the number of homeowners in minority communities, and they lead buyer seminars for potential homebuyers in these communities to minimize that gap.

“It’s the education part that is really important in changing the community,” Rosalind said. “We know generational wealth starts with homeownership and real estate. If you look at successful business people, they’ll tell you that many of them started with some sort of real estate property. That’s part of our goal, to create generational wealth.”

Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

Vilona Trachtenberg

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