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Gingerbread Kits support the Kevin Guest House ‘Cookie Room’

Buffalo’s Kevin Guest House (KGH) is coming up on its 50th year as an organization that helps to provide comfort to those who are dealing with uncomfortable situations. KGH offers families that are coping with cancer-related illnesses to access affordable short-term housing in close proximity to the Medical Campus. Over the years, there have been numerous expansions at the KGH, which has become a sort of campus unto itself (see more).

Currently, there is a fundraiser underway that provides an affordable home and warm meals for patients and their families who are receiving treatment. With traditional fundraising efforts on hold due to the pandemic, an effort is underway to raise $5000 in funding to cover the cost of one of the guest rooms for all of 2021. This is being done via the sales of gingerbread cookie kits.

“Kevin Guest House is a wonderful resource in the heart of Buffalo that provides an affordable place to call home, and warm meals for patients and their families traveling for medical care,” explained Andrea Tarshus at Glutenless Buffalo, who is helping to organize the fundraiser. “People are looking for ways to give back, especially around the holidays, but many are reluctant to volunteer their time due to safety concerns. We created the Cookie Room fundraiser to provide a safe way for people to make a difference, and have fun too.  The concept is really sweet (pun intended!) because people get to eat cookies, decorate cookies, and gift cookies, and the KGH guests will benefit from a guest room that’s totally paid up for all of 2021, lovingly called the ‘Cookie Room.’  We’re going to deck it out in some cookie themed décor too.”

To get things rolling, Glutenless Buffalo has teamed together with Two Wheels Bakery to help bake the kits.

“Two Wheels has an incredible story of its own,” said Tarshus. “The original bakery and café, which was one of the first allergen-friendly establishments in Buffalo, burned down.  Their grand reopening at 1006 Grant Street was planned for the week before the pandemic started and shut everything down.”

Now, Two Wheels is back in business and doing its part to help out where it can, as is Glutenless Buffalo.

“At GlutenlessBuffalo, we believe that strategic partnerships in the community can be an incredibly powerful way to help small businesses weather today’s rocky economic climate,” said Tarshus. “That’s why we teamed up with some other local female-owned businesses, Two Wheels Bakery, Buffalo Girl That Bakes, and Tarshus Law Firm, to assist with the fundraiser. By utilizing each of our platforms, we are able to maximize exposure and raise awareness about Kevin Guest House, stimulate multiple small businesses, and spread some holiday cheer in the process.”

Now, Tarshus and friends are looking to the community for help. It’s as easy as purchasing a gingerbread kit, with proceeds going towards the charitable cause.

“Once we reach our goal, we’ll dedicate one of the rooms at KGH as the ‘Cookie Room’ and spruce it up with fun cookie themed décor including a cookie bedspread, lamp, and clock,” added Tarshus. “It will be a fun space for a guest to relax, and provide KGH with a huge sigh of relief heading into the new year.”

Purchase Gingerbread Kits to Help Raise Funds: (select “Gingerbread Kits” from the dropdown).  Kits are $15 each and come with ½ dozen cookies, colored frosting and decorations, are allergen-friendly, and would make great gifts for your clients!  $5 from each kit will be donated to the Cookie Room.

Also, visit this website to donate or purchase kits.

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