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Legato: Puts the Power of Concert Streaming in Musicians’ Hands

The future of live music is looking better and brighter all the time. The internet has become a virtual playground for bands, musicians, and music fans, in ways that we could never have imagined.

Now, a local startup called Legato is throwing its top hat into the ring, by introducing “a live stream platform created to give musicians the ability to hold live streamed pay-per-view performances from their home, studio, or venue.”

The platform, which launched globally this past Monday, “… is honestly for everyone.”

Essentially, Legato allows the musicians to take control of their performances, by joining the virtual (and versatile) streaming concert arena.

Already the platform has made a splash with European musicians and bands that have gravitated towards the ease and convenience of the system. Aside from Buffalo, Legato has offices in Amsterdam and LA – cities that help to broaden the worldwide scope of the project.

Definition: Legato on guitar is commonly associated with playing more notes within a beat than the stated timing, i.e., playing 5 (a quintuplet) or 7 (a septuplet) notes against a quarter-note instead of the usual even number or triplet.

Aside from the interactive freedom that Legato offers, musicians dig that 100% of the proceeds is directed towards the artists – the platform adds a small service charge at the end of every ticket sale (on the ticket purchaser’s end).

“Legato allows musicians to set up pay-per-view live streams. Each live stream is unique to a single device, so a ticket buyer can’t share their ‘ticket’ with others.”

Now, the Legato team is inviting Buffalo musicians to register for free, along with the rest of the world.

Signing up is easy – musicians simply go to the Legato website, register to meet with a virtual onboarding team, and set up profile pages. Each page features images, a bio, social media links, and a calendar for performances. In the not-too-distant future, there will be the ability to add music samples/songs and other interactive facets.

Once a page is established, musicians will be able to market their own pages. They will also be able to alter their own pages, by updating information – that advancement is anticipated to go live in a couple of weeks.

As for the virtual shows, the livestreams will be hosted directly on the Legato platform. These shows will not be saved online in perpetuity – it’s a one-shot deal… fans pay to see a show, enjoy the show, and are happy for the experience and the memories.

Streaming performances just got a lot better for musicians and bands… thanks to the Legato platform, which is now sounding off from its hometown of Buffalo, NY.

Click here to register as a musician or as a band.

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