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BRTV: Skate – Ryan Sinatra

He may not be Tony Hawk, but Ryan Sinatra is keeping skateboard culture alive in his own way – by creating and riding electric skateboards. Sinatra enjoys making things by hand, and realized he could just make an electric skateboard instead of buying one. With that, his new passion was sealed, and he is currently creating his fifth electric skateboard. Sinatra is also working on building a community of electric skateboard, electric scooter and Onewheel-riding enthusiasts.

“[When I ride], I just feel this freedom of being able to travel anywhere…it’s great.”

Ryan Sinatra’s Instagram: @ryansinatra.jpg

Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

Vilona Trachtenberg

Spotlight Professional in 2020. Freelance journalist, traveler, dancer, music fanatic, volunteer enthusiast. Loves meeting new people in any and all capacities and helping our beloved city flourish.

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