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To infinity and Beyond…

Buffalo State College is heading for the stars! While the opening date for the new Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium located at Buffalo State’s Science and Math complex  is still uncertain, the projection is Spring of 2021. This new resource will offer a different kind of learning experience for students and community members.

The planetarium will have three state of the art projection systems that will specialize in different areas of study. The digital planetarium projection allows for visitors to see the entire sky including planets. It gives the feeling of being taken right off of planet earth and transported anywhere in the solar system. The traditional projection shows the stars and constellations the best. The laser projection can be used for laser light shows or other special projects. These systems allow people to travel beyond their imagination and see the universe in a way they never thought was possible. “The planetarium is an immersive classroom- what you’re studying is literally surrounding you,” says Kevin Williams, planetarium director and professor of earth science.

The planetarium is not subject to just students of astronomy, this new type of classroom is useful for just about any type of class- from physiology, anatomy, geology to even art classes.  In the future, Williams hopes to be able to encourage and help teachers learn how to integrate the planetarium into their lesson plans.

The 43 ft wide dome seats 48 people and plans to have a number of shows open to the public upon its official opening. Schools from around the city are also welcome to schedule appointments and field trips. This not only will benefit the students of Buffalo State, but it will also be a “great resource for the community,” says Williams.

Buffalo has a first class ticket straight to the galaxies!

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Written by Liberty Darr

Liberty Darr

I am a Buffalo State student studying journalism. I love writing, art, and meeting new people. When I’m not at school or work I enjoy reading/writing poetry and watching documentaries. My favorite dynamic duo is investigative journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. I’ve been a resident of Buffalo for quite some time and I still fall in love with something new about this city everyday.

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