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Still Talking: Victor Parra Gonzalez

In this Still Talking, we asked Victor Parra Gonzalez, James Beard semifinalist 2018 and 2019 and chef/owner of Las Puertas: “Given what you know now, what would you tell yourself two months ago?”

We’ve been thinking about video portraits for a while now. And after Devin Chavanne started a series of still portraits of Buffalonians wearing masks, we thought to bring both ideas together. Hence, Still Talking — an ongoing series of short vignettes composed of expressive footage and each subject’s answer to a single (not always simple) question.

Connect with Victor and Las Puertas on Instagram: @victorparragonzalez1 | @laspuertasbuff

Written by Devin Chavanne

Devin Chavanne

Devin is a videographer, sports, and chicken wings fanatic. Ub graduate, joined the BR team in 2019.

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