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Raven the Science Maven’s “Wipe It Down” Goes Viral on YouTube

Raven Baxter, known by the moniker Raven the Science Maven, is a molecular scientist, educator, researcher and science communicator who is challenging the state of science culture to create spaces that are inclusive, encouraging and real.

She is also a YouTuber and rapper who creates STEM-themed music, and has published several viral videos including her most recent viral rap video, “Wipe It Down,” with one of the lyrics: “It’s a virus with a corona, a crown, like a queen, spreads around in crowds, infects human beings.” Though Raven put her Covid-19 video up as a joke out of boredom, her video received nearly 27,000 views in three months. “I think that it’s very important during a pandemic or any major health crisis for people who have knowledge and information that is accurate and reliable, to step forward and serve as a voice to the community,” Raven said.

Her YouTube channel initially posted videos of her giving tutorials for different hairstyles, but she has since shifted to more science-focused content. “I really wanted to show my audience that you can be someone who looks like me and talk about hair and also talk about science, if you’re really excited about science and also want to share your love of science with the same people that you would talk about hair with.”

Watch the Wipe It Down #coronavirus Rap Parody #stayhome on YouTube, performed by Raven the Science Maven.


Check out Raven the Science Maven’s YouTube Channel.

Written by Cole Hastings

Cole Hastings

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