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Buffalo’s Exponential Patios

As we are all well aware, the Buffalo patio scene is alive and well, despite COVID-19. Actually, the social distancing measures laid out by the CDC has had a positive impact on patios, far and wide. Not only have new patios allowed restaurants to stay in the game, they have also provided dining inspiration for customers. A slew of restaurant owners have set out to supersize their patio spaces, which has been transformative to say the least.

“Over 30 restaurants in the city have been approved for expanded outdoor dining,” said Delaware District Councilman Joel Feroleto. “I’ve seen a lot of creativity and beautiful outdoor spaces.”

While the list of new and expanded patios is quite substantial, we have paid a visit to a handful that people have been raving about.

One of these patios-of-mention is at Allen Burger Venture (ABV), which has not only expanded along the sidewalk (heading east), occupying space in front of “The Friends Meeting House,” it has also introduced a new beer garden towards the back of the original patio that allows customers to spread out.

What this means is that there is essentially a patio that pretty much arcs around half of the AVB – this is a real win for Allentown and fans of some of the best burgers (and salads) in town.

Allen Burger Venture | 175 Allen Street | Buffalo, New York | (716) 768-0386 | See Facebook for food service updates

Next up is Las Puertas. As if anyone needed another excuse to go to Las Puertas, now there is a sensational new patio that customers are gravitating to.

What I love most about this patio is that it feels like an old farmhouse kind of vibe. There are a set of doors that divide each of the tables, which not only lends some privacy, it also creates an almost Alice and Wonderland atmosphere. Throw in some comfy lounge chairs, and we’ve got the makings of a patio that beckons diners to stick around for a while.

Las Puertas | 385 Rhode Island St | Buffalo, NY | (716) 807-1141

Tappo (downtown) has spilled its patio seating out into the parking lot. This option can be tough to do, because parking lots can get hot, and they are not aesthetically pleasing. But in this case, some nice buffers have been added, such as tents, and even Jersey barriers.

How the heck does one make a Jersey barrier more appealing? The addition of a mural of course. Combined with Tappo’s sensational rooftop patio, this set up is a real home run for the restaurant, and a welcome addition to the downtown outdoor dining scene.

Tappo | 338 Ellicott Street | Buffalo, New York 14203 | (716) 259-8130 |(716) 259-8130 

Coco on Main Street is another winner. The owner has not only capitalized on its existing back patio, which is one of our favorites, she has also created two additional patio experiences. The first is a no brainer – there’s now seating along Main Street in front of the 888 building.

But then there’s a whole other section of outdoor dining in front of the former Roxy’s building, which is quite awesome. Between the rustic buildings, oversized sun-washed mural, and the cabana umbrellas, Coco has taken the art of outdoor eating to another level entirely.

Coco Bar & Bistro | 888 Main Street | Buffalo NY | (716) 885-1885

As if The Left Bank‘s existing tucked away patio wasn’t good enough, the restaurant has spilled its outdoor dining into the parking lot. Once again, parking lot dining doesn’t sound that appealing and can be quite tricky to pull off.

Leave it to Left Bank though – between the vines, the tree canopy, the tiki torches, and the guitarist, we’re talking about an atmospheric getaway that is consistent with the restaurant’s top-notch ideals and standards when it comes to cuisine and customer service.

The Left Bank | 511 Rhode Island St | Buffalo, NY 14213 | (716) 882-3509

Then there’s Duende at Silo City (lead image). Yes, this place is already spectacular and one of the city’s best kept secrets. This is the place that boasts a restaurant in the front, and a cantina in the back. What’s not to love about that setup? Now Duende has escalated the awesomeness by building out a more professional stage in back of the cantina.

Drummer Dave “The Waz” Wasik was on stage when we paid a visit, performing an acid jazz piece that had the “crowd” enraptured. We’re hoping that he becomes a mainstay at this place. Aside from the new stage, there are new sunset chairs, beach umbrellas, and even a soccer net, where people can kick the ball around – Duende is very soccer and music friendly. Be sure to play the hook and ring toss game in the cantina when you visit!

Duende and The Cantina @ Silo City | 85 Silo City Row | Buffalo, New York 14203 | (716) 235-8380

The list would not be complete with a Chippewa establishment. The one that a lot of people have been talking about is Bada Bing. The restaurant has added an outdoor seating area along a small alleyway, which makes for a cozy little pocket retreat. What I love most about this is the cobblestone, along with the lattice privacy fence.

The addition of a couple of plants, and some overhead light strands, and we’ve got the makings for a very quaint setting. The sturdy metal chairs and tables are also a nice touch – none of the plastic junk for Bada Bing!

Bada Bing Bar & Grill | 42 W. Chippewa | Buffalo NY 14202

Learn more about the expanded patio possibilities.

Photos: Vincent Berbano

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