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The Effect Of Transportation On Job Access In Buffalo

Transportation is a barrier for many employment opportunities especially in Buffalo.

Cars make it easier for people to commute to work and access their jobs especially in a town that has few major employment centers.

“Of the five major employment centers in Erie County, only one is located within the City of Buffalo,”according to data from PPG Buffalo, a think tank which seeks to create a just Buffalo through research.

This lack of employment centers in Buffalo makes it harder for those who rely on public transport to have access to the same job opportunities as those who don’t.

“Unfortunately, 58% of the area’s jobs cannot be reached by public transportation,”according to the same study by PPG Buffalo.

The reliance on public transportation is also an issue that disproportionately affects minority communities which causes a disparity in job opportunities.

“People of color still tend to be the primary users of public transportation, with only 5% of white residents commuting by public transit, compared to 21% of black, 15% of Hispanic, and 26% of Asian and Pacific Islander workers.,” stated PPG Buffalo.

This disparity can affect not only the opportunities but also what types of jobs are available to those who use public transportation.

PPG’S Report:
A City Divided: A Brief History of Segregation in Buffalo

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Written by Colin Dunkle

Colin Dunkle

Colin Dunkle is an intern at Buffalo Rising and a student at Canisius College majoring in Journalism & Communications. His course concentrations are Multimedia Journalism and Media Studies Communication. Colin is an avid cyclist and fan of all things related to music.

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