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Rhea Anna’s New Creative Space in Five Points

“My work is inspired by so many things, but first and foremost I’m inspired by real life,” Rhea Anna, commercial director and photographer of Rhea Anna Photos + Motion, said. “I love telling stories about humanity that inspire us to find meaning in beauty and simplicity.“

A year ago, Anna celebrated her birthday by closing on a new creative space in the Five Points neighborhood – a studio space to continue telling those stories.

“There’s just such a positive energy in the Five Points neighborhood and I love being part of it.”

After working for a year to revitalize the space, she and her team are ready to showcase what they have created. She envisions sharing her studio with blossoming photographers, and using the space for pop-up shops, art exhibits and commercial productions.

“But day in and day out, it will be my business that occupies the space and I’ll be focused on my own art making and commercial creative endeavors,” Anna said. “I feel like I’m finally home.“

Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

Vilona Trachtenberg

Spotlight Professional in 2020. Freelance journalist, traveler, dancer, music fanatic, volunteer enthusiast. Loves meeting new people in any and all capacities and helping our beloved city flourish.

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