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Anthony Bourdain Still Bringing the World Together Through Food

Anthony Bourdain touched the lives of many people from around the world, including the lives of Buffalonians

Today marks the second anniversary of his passing.

The chef, TV host, and author had an impact on the world around him and sought the best in people. Throughout his travels, he connected with others and learned about their cultures and cuisines.

Bourdain was also a political activist who championed the #MeToo movement and immigrant workers.

Bourdain once stated: “Some, of course, like to claim that Mexicans are stealing American jobs. But in two decades as a chef and employer, I never had one American kid walk in my door and apply for a dishwashing job, a porter’s position or even a job as prep cook.”

His support and admiration helped to change the narrative of how immigrant workers were unfairly viewed in both the restaurant business and the world. However, this wasn’t his only effect on those around him and those he covered in his shows.

Bourdain also had an impact on Buffalo when he featured the city on his show “No Reservations” in 2009. His visit highlighted the city’s cuisine by showing his viewers several classic meals such as beef on weck and chicken wings.

He praised the city and its unique culture by stating, “There is a perverse joy of being alive and living in Buffalo even in the coldest part of winter at night in what I call a blizzard.”

In the same episode, he also highlighted Baltimore and Detroit, talked about the Rust Belt, and the strains of closed factories on local economies.

The impact of Bourdain on the world of cuisine was seen not only in his life but also in his death, when chefs around the world declared June 25th “Bourdain Day” in his honor. The chosen date is significant to Bourdain, his friends, and chefs around the world because it was his birthday.

The anniversary of Bourdain’s tragic passing reminds the world of the man he was and what he truly stood for, noted his close friend and traveling comrade Zamir Gotta. “He brought the world together through food,” stated Gotta, who calls Buffalo his second home. “Like me, Anthony was a peacemaker. By celebrating his legacy, we celebrate everything that he stood for, which at this time is more important than ever.”

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Images from Bourdain’s “No Reservations” excursion to Buffalo – Bourdain is pictured seated with Starr and Gotta

Written by Colin Dunkle

Colin Dunkle

Colin Dunkle is an intern at Buffalo Rising and a student at Canisius College majoring in Journalism & Communications. His course concentrations are Multimedia Journalism and Media Studies Communication. Colin is an avid cyclist and fan of all things related to music.

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