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WestSide Tilth Continues to Cultivate

WestSide Tilth, an urban farm on the city’s West Side, offers a wide variety of produce – some of which you wouldn’t think to find in an urban farm… kohlrabi, for instance. “It’s not typically found in grocery stores, and many people have no idea what to do with it. It’s also called ‘German Turnip’, which gives you a better idea of its flavor and texture,” said co-owner, Carrie Nader. “It has an intense crunch (like a water chestnut), which makes it great for coleslaw, slicing and dipping in hummus, or you can roast and eat it as is, or puree into a soup. It’s versatile. And you can eat the greens as well. They’re similar to collards.”

Other produce items available include Swiss chard, microgreens, parsnips, tomatoes, eggplant, dill, and parsley.

They’ve also made substantial changes and additions to the farm since dealing with COVID-19. “We’ll be building an aerated static compost system, which will turn our crop residue into usable compost in just 30 days with no need to turn piles,” explained Nader. “We’ll also be growing a few more crops that we haven’t in the past including melons, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, celery, and kalettes.”

Even though COVID has surprisingly brought a few positives to the farm, the owners have faced many new challenges. They had to put plans to host a full farmers market on hold. They also aren’t hiring outside help in an effort to keep their customers and themselves safe. And because of limited staff, curbside pickup isn’t a possibility. But Tilth will be starting a delivery service very soon. “It was a bit of a scramble to switch over to a delivery platform,” said Nader. “We’ve got it all figured out, and our new website and ordering form will be up this coming week.”

Although farmers markets are deemed essential businesses and allowed to be open in NYS, Tilth has opted to forgo hosting a farm stand in an effort to keep everyone safe. Their weekly delivery service is available to those within a 1.5 mile radius of the farm – bags start at $25. Deliveries will be once per week on Saturday starting at 11am, beginning early June.

Contact info:

Instagram: @westsidetilthfarm



Address: 246 Normal Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14213


Phone: 716-427-8401

Written by Cole Hastings

Cole Hastings

I'm a bodybuilder and content creator with a passion for transforming people's lives through my videos and posts. I went vegan two years ago and have seen so many benefits from it, physically and mentally. I want to influence as many people to adopt a plant based diet/active lifestyle as possible through my videos and posts. I hope to one day turn YouTube into my full time job.

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