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UB School of Nursing calls on Community to bring Joy to Nurses

The UB School of Nursing (SON) has come up with a fast and creative way to deliver notes of thanks and encouragement to nurses working on the frontline.

“Nurses compose the largest portion of the global health care workforce, and they are instrumental in keeping us and our families, friends, children, and communities safe, while at times putting their own health at risk,” said Sarah Goldthrite, director of marketing, communications, and alumni engagement for SON. “To that end, we decided the best way to do this was to provide a platform for members of our community to express their gratitude for nurses in general, and for nurses they know personally.”

According to Goldthrite, May is National Nurses Month and SON wanted to do something to bring some joy to the nurses working on the frontlines, in the form of photos, messages, and videos that the community can send directly to local nurses through SON’s website.

With this initiative, SON continues to share these messages with local nurses through their social media accounts, while sharing the messages with their community partners.

“We have received several thank you messages, along with messages about how uplifting it has been to have this show of support for nurses,” Goldthrite said. “Nurses are helping to light the way for us during a dark time, and it is an honor to be able to provide them with even a small glow of joy.”

Those who would like to leave a message for a nurse are encouraged to visit for instructions on how to share and submit thank you messages.

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Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

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