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MicroMania Film Fest Official Selection: “Chmurka/Fluffy”

We looooooove films 5min and under!

MicroMania Film Fest has attracted Over 220 submissions, each 5 minutes or under from all over the world for this year’s fest (learn more).

Check out today’s featured micro-short and MicroMania Film Fest 2020 Official Submission ‘Chmurka/Fluffy’ from Poland. 

Stay tuned for more curated selections to be featured in coming weeks, as the MicroMania Film Fest team collects and reviews WNY filmmakers’ submissions to Buffalo Shorts.  Submissions 5 minutes or less are automatically included in the Buffalo Shorts online showcase and have a chance to compete in MicroMania Film Fest 2020.

MicroMania Film Fest 2019 Official Selection “Chmurka/Fluffy”

Director: Konrad Domaszewski

A couple of kind-hearted farmers share their carefree life with their beloved sheep named ‘Fluffy’. As luck would have it, one idyllic morning, not much different from any other day, brings an occurrence – an occurrence that is extraordinary, breathtaking, reaching way beyond the idyllic realities of a day-to-day existence.

Combining comedy with cheeky sci-fi, this short focuses on a couple, their beloved sheep, Fluffy, and peaceful farm life. One evening, something falls from the sky and…and changes everything.  Karol Kosakowski uses humor and whimsy to illustrate the concept that occasionally in life, something shakes up our existence. Our power lies in our adaptability and response. – Alycia Ripley

Binge over 100 amazing films, each under 5min and just as good as ‘Chmurka/Fluffy’. Free on the Vimeo MicroMania Film Fest channel.

Do you have films or are you making films up to 15 min long you’d like people to see?

The Buffalo Short showcase was created to celebrate and share films up to 15 min long created by Western New York residents.

Select WNY films, chosen by our panel of judges, win a Buffalo Rising feature like above. Films 5 min and under submitted by June 1 earn a chance to qualify and compete in MicroMania Film Festival.

Visit to submit a film.

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