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MicroMania Film Fest 2020 Official Submission: “My Theater”

Over 180 submissions, each 5 minutes or under, have come in from around the world for this year’s MicroMania Film Festival (learn more).

Today’s curated feature is Micro-Documentary Award Winner “My Theater”. Stay tuned for more curated selections to be featured in coming weeks, as the MicroMania Film Fest team collects and reviews WNY filmmakers’ submissions to Buffalo Shorts.  

Submissions 5 minutes or less are automatically included in the Buffalo Shorts online showcase, with a chance to compete in MicroMania Film Fest 2020.

“My Theater” (4:42) documentary

MicroMania Film Fest 2019 Winner Best Micro-Documentary

Director: Kazuya Ashizawa, Japan

Description: A man continues to protect the cinema that was closed 55 years ago.


Film aficionados and Buffalo preservationists will find a kindred spirit in Shuji Tamara, the 81-year-old subject of Kazuya Ashizawa’s documentary, My Theater. Fifty-five years ago, Tamara closed his Cinema MOTOMIYA but refused to allow it to be demolished. The cinema owner, now retired and living alone, becomes most animated when myriad locals visit from miles away to watch old movies and learn about the film stock, equipment, and posters. Photography students from local high schools stop by for photo shoots and lively discussions. With a running time of less than five minutes, we observe how these visitors, their laughter, interest, and enjoyment, provide Tamara his purpose and happiness. Once they leave, he waits only for their return. One of my favorite entries, I find myself re-watching this and learning more of his character and history each time. – Alycia Ripley

Binge the growing catalog of amazing  international films, all under 5minutes, just as good as ‘My Theater’. Free on the Vimeo MicroMania Film Fest channel!

Do you have films or are you making films up to 15 min long you’d like people to see?

Buffalo Short showcase was created to celebrate and share films up to 15 min long created by Western New York residents.

Select WNY films, chosen by our panel of judges, win a Buffalo Rising feature like above. Films 5 min and under submitted by June 1 earn a chance to qualify and compete in MicroMania Film Festival.

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