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“Haircation Quarantorials” with Hix Hair

Having a bad hair day? You and everyone else, right? Seeing that barbers and salons remain closed due to the pandemic, people are getting more resourceful, which in most cases is not such a good thing. Others are simply letting their hair go…

If you are someone who is attempting to keep your hair coiffed during COVID-19, you are not alone. Hairstylist Sarah Hickey (Hix Hair) is offering free online tutorials, to help people while they are on an extended “haircation”. Even her hairstylist husband James is getting into the act.

I post a tutorial on my instagram @sarah_hix_hair about 3 or 4 times a week,” explained Sarah. “I call them ‘quarantorials’. I try to show some simple yet very stylish ways to pull your hair back or style it. I think it’s great to keep my clients engaged during this time when we are unable to work.”

Sarah mentioned that she was inspired to jump into action, when she began to hear stories about how unhappy people were with their hair, since they had to resort to “styling” it themselves. She also figured that it would keep her busy, and maybe attract some new clients, until she could get back to work.

Every business was thrusted into a situation where we have to reinvent and pivot,” said Sarah. “We are now in the process of creating a more robust e-commerce platform, and one thing we lacked was a robust social media department. We had to up the ante, and one way was to try and do simple styles that everyone can easily do at home or on their kids. Our own girls have become a part of it too. We are a family of 5, with a small business… all we have is time now, for the most part. We wanted to make good use of that time. Between homework, keeping the kids engaged productively, and trying to secure unemployment, I also needed to ensure that our salon – MJ Rose Salon – was as strong as possible. James (@jimmytherazor) was getting so many requests for men’s clean ups he posted one the other day in his own Instagram.”

James pointed out that the “haircation quarantorials” are also a way to help bring attention to their industry as a whole. “Honestly it’s to shed light on an industry that is so essential in the mental well-being for so many people, but we are deemed nonessential, which I get… it just means that we need to be doing whatever it takes to keep our heads above water, while also keeping our businesses afloat.”

Sarah’s Instagram tutorials can be accessed here. She is also a stylist at Crown BFLO.

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