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Distance brings people 6FTCloser

6FTCloserr is a digital platform created during the Covid-19 pandemic, for people to match with, and send videos of gratitude to, frontline workers.

Buffalo natives Ariella (digital curator) and Ben Sharf are two of the founding team members of 6FTCloser. Together , the two have created a platform that enables frontline workers to receive videos from grateful citizens. So far, more that 1200 people have sent inspiring videos filled with words of encouragement and gratitude.

Ariella’s team at 6FTCloser’s recently received a video of a husband and wife who were matched with a healthcare worker.

“The wife began speaking and thanking the healthcare worker,” Ariella said. “Then she proceeded to say that her husband, who was visibly on oxygen, was awaiting a lung transplant. Tears began welling in their eyes as they poured their sincerest gratitude towards health care workers.”

Ariella and the rest of 6FTCloser’s volunteer team – who haven’t actually met each other in person – are passionate about the work they continue to do.

“Being able to thank a stranger on the frontlines for their efforts, and getting these messages to frontline workers, provides a reward that is twofold,” added Ariella.

To send videos to healthcare workers, or nominate health care workers to receive videos, visit

Instagram handle: @6ftcloser



Instagram: @6ftcloser

Twitter: @6ftcloser

Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

Vilona Trachtenberg

Spotlight Professional in 2020. Freelance journalist, traveler, dancer, music fanatic, volunteer enthusiast. Loves meeting new people in any and all capacities and helping our beloved city flourish.

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